WWE Monday Night RAW Report – 06.21.2010: The Nexus Attacks Again; New General Manager


Bridgeport, Connecticut is the site for tonight’s show and we recap what happened last night with the NXT 7. However, it’s NO CHANCE IN HELL, as Vince McMahon walks down the ramp to kick off the show. He welcomes us to RAW tonight and he also reminds us what went down last night. He blames Bret Hart for the decision stemming from last week’s RAW. He says that Bret should have been here last night and/or hired extra security. So Bret gets all the blame for the chaos. So Bret Hart has been relieved of his duties as GM of RAW. You got to be kidding me? But of course, we have a NEW General Manager in charge and this person wants to remain anonymous and will be communicating his demands to Michael Cole via email. Cue Bryan Danielson as the GM rumors. The email notice goes off and the new GM hired the NXT 7 and they will be on the show later tonight.

As Vince goes to leave, Sheamus makes his way to the ring with a microphone. It seems Sheamus has a dark cloud over his body as he doesn’t want to say what he’s going to say, if I can read expressions right. He complains about winning the WWE Championship the way he did last night. He wanted to beat the top three WWE stars on his own and he won’t accept the championship under these conditions. He takes the title off and he hands it over to Vince…made ya look. He gloats at being the new WWE Champion. He wants to send a message to the NXT 7 – thank you for giving me the title, basically. Well, it gets him more heat. Of course he didn’t need the assist.

Check your watch. It’s not 10PM EST, but John Cena is HERE and he enters the ring! He says that Sheamus is thinking everyone so Cena thanks some people too. HAHA, he calls Sheamus a human jar of mayo. He wants a rematch and he thanks Bridgeport because he wants the rematch tonight. Of course, Sheamus doesn’t want to defend the title tonight. He wants Vince to kick Cena from the ring, and we get another e-mail. Tonight’s main event is Sheamus v. John Cena for the WWE Championship and there’s one more email…we will have a guest referee – one that commands instant fear and respect…Mr. McMahon himself!

So…throughout the night, let’s speculate who’s the GM of RAW. And since when did Michael Cole communicate with the internet?


Here comes Evan Bourne, fresh off a shocking Pay-Per-View win against Chris Jericho! His opponent, Chris Jericho!

Evan Bourne v. Chris Jericho III

Jericho wanted this match tonight because if he don’t win tonight…he’s out of the WWE forever! Bell rings and Jericho goes apeshit on Bourne! Bourne backslides Jericho for a two…another cover gets two. Jericho takes a powder and we take a break.


We’re back and Jericho has Bourne in dire straits. Bourne gets back up and he rolls Jericho up for two and Jericho gets a low dropkick that sends Bourne out of the ring again. Evan barely beats the ten-count and Jericho continues the pressure. Bourne uses Jericho’s momentum against him and gets a two count. Off the ropes, Bourne hits a spin kick and another kick that makes Jericho go to the ropes. Low dropkick in the corner gets a two count. Jericho counters a hurrancurana into the Walls and Bourne counters…TORNADO DDT?!?! That gets two! Jericho gets a backbreaker for two. He follows with kicks and he works on the back some more. ASK HIM! Jericho gets back up but is disoriented. Bourne charges and he is countered. Jericho goes to the ropes…BOURNE FLIPS HIM OFF AND SCORES A TWO COUNT! Flapjack connects, but Jericho counters mid-move into the Walls! Jericho pulls away from the ropes and Bourne tries to fight hard and he reaches the ropes! PELE by Bourne! Bourne scampers to the ropes…AIRBOURNE CONNECTS TO THE KNEES! Codebreaker! Jericho wins! FINALLY!

Winner: Chris Jericho
Grade: B

Jericho picks Bourne off the canvas and he shows a sign of disrespect.


We recap the GM-via-E-Mail announcement from earlier tonight. Meanwhile, Vince is talking to the anonymous GM and he asks “him” to not surprise himself.

As the night turns, Virgil and Ted have a heart-to-heart. Ted apologizes for embarrassing him in the ring and he turns out to fire him. He upgrades to Maryse!Natalya (w/The Hart Dynasty) v. Tamina (w/The Usos)

Tamina takes it to Natalya in the corner as the match starts. Whip to the corner, Natalya evades and Tamina eats a scoop slam. Distraction caues Tamina to go for the Samoan Drop, but Natalya counters with a Sharpshooter and the NXT Seven come out to apologize to the Hart Dynasty, but the Hart Dynasty attack and get laid out easily.

No Contest
Grade: N/R


We’re back and David Otunga apologized for their actions but they did it because they love the WWE. Heath Slater takes the microphone and he says that there is no problem with the locker room or the universe. Justin Gabriel starts the asskissing with Bret Hart and the Hart Dynasty. Darren Young takes the microphone to apologize to John Cena. we get the “Black John Cena” reference. He defends that action as well. Skip Sheffield apologizes to the WWE Universe for turning their backs on them. Michael Tarver talks about his personal life before apologizing to his kids since he’s a bad father. Wade Barrett finishes the session by saying that he had the job and a title shot. He aligned himself with the rest of the band that he would be loyal to them. Here it comes – the individuals formed a bond – a Nexus. So it’s ok to call them the Nexus? Wade made it known that Sheamus is only the champion because of them and they can just as easily make a target out of him. Whoever he has to beat, he won’t be making any apologies.


John Morrison w/Eli Cottonwood v. Ted DiBiase w/Maryse

Ted DiBiase has better things to do (with Maryse), so Zack Ryder and Titus O’Neil has a price for Ted to pay.

John Morrison v. Zack Ryder

Lock up to start and Ryder plays dirty in the corner. Dropkick by Morrison keeps Ryder off his game. Pillar to post we go and Ryder SWEEPS THE LEG ON THE ROPES! Morrison gets posted and Ryder chokes him in the corner. Guillotine connects and Ryder gets a two count. Ryder covers again following a leg drop for two. Headlock applied and Morrison gets a rollup for two. Woo! Woo! Woo! Ryder drops the knee and gets a two of his own. Headlock applied again and Morrison gets a jawbreaker. Kick to the head connects and Morrison rolls into a delayed cover for two. Morrison mounts his comeback and the axe kick connects to the head for a two count! Morrison chases Ryder and Ryder snaps Morrison off the ropes. Morrison counters the Rough Ryder and he connects with Starship Pain for the pinfall!

Winner: John Morrison
Grade: B-

John Cena walks backstage and is stopped by Josh Matthews. Cena is mad…he is angry…HE IS PISSED! He doesn’t accept the apology and he’s focused on getting the WWE Title back. Vince reminds Cena that there will be no excuses tonight.


We’re back and we got a mixed tag upcoming!

The Great Khali & Eve Torres v. Primo Colon & Alicia Fox

Holy Hell! Primo still has a job! Primo and Khali start things off…or not. Alicia gets tagged and this brings Eve in by default. She taunts her and Eve takes offense to this. Eve counters with an unique snapmare that grounds Alicia. Alicia gets the ropes. Eve blocks a kick and scores a one count off Alicia. Eve to the ropes, float over, and Alicia takes control. Cover gets two for Alicia. Faceplant connects and she stomps away. High knee to the jaw connects by Alicia and that gets a two count. Eve gets taken to the corner, but she fights out of it. Enzugiri connects and Eve goes to the top. MOONSAULT CONNECTS! Primo breaks the fall and wants a kiss. So…he gets slapped and has to deal with Khali. Alicia leaves Primo behind and Khali hits the Punjabi Plunge for the win!

Winners: The Great Khali & Eve Torres
Grade: C-

Randy Orton walks.


Here comes the Apex Predator, the Viper…Randy Orton! He, too, is pissed that the Nexus interfered in his match. “This is Boring” chants come from the crowd as he accepts Wade Barrett’s apology. He hopes that he wins the title so Orton can take it from him. Here comes The Miz. REALLY? The Miz hears voices in his head and he’s sick of Orton in the main event, sick of the RKO, and sick of the Viper, period. The Miz wants his shot and he wants to be the only one to hold both the WWE and U.S. Title at the same time. There’s an industry secret and it’s because he’s the Miz and he attacks ORton. Orton ducks a punch and he powerslams Miz. RKO attempt, but the Miz sees it. Edge is in the ring and he spears Orton! “Now, the real fun begins, Randy.” Interesting.

WWE Championship…NEXT!


WWE Championship: John Cena v. Sheamus (c)
Special Referee: Mr. McMahon

Interesting to note, there’s another referee in the ring with Vince McMahon. I wonder what’s going to happen here. We get the super-special ring announcing. Vince leaves the ring to act as a special enforcer. The bell rings and they jockey for position. Waist lock applied and Sheamus uses the ropes to initate a break. Sheamus is on Cena like mayo and miracle whip. Scoop slam connects and Sheamus forces a cover for two. “Daniel Bryan” chants start to eek out as Sheamus is interrupted by a EMS alert…damn Comcast.


We’re back from break and Cena misses the corner charge and he lands in the ring post. Both Cena and Sheamus take their time and Sheamus goes for the knee, but Cena seen it coming. Sheamus is able to continue his dominance as he covers Cena for two. Cena pulls himself up and Sheamus ties Cena up in the ropes before delivering a clubbing blow. Sheamus does it again and Cena is in dire straits. Dual Let’s go Cena/Cena sucks chants from the crowd. Sheamus trues it a third try, but Cena counters with a reverse headbutt. Sheamus gets sent to the ropes and we get dual clotheslines that knock both loopy. Both get up. Cena goes for the A.A., but Sheamus counters for a series of two counts. Sheamus misses the Pump Kick and HERE COMES CENA! Protobomb connects and so does the Five Knuckle Shuffle! A.A. attempt and Sheamus thumbs the eyes and the Irish Curse connects. Cover…TWO COUNT ONLY! Sheamus stalks Cena and he looks for the Sheamus Edge, but Cena counters with the STF! Sheamus looks for the ropes…he gets them. Cena holds on for a four count and Sheamus rolls out of the ring. Sheamus plays possum and he sends Cena to the steel steps! Cena gets thrown back in the ring for a cover…KICKOUT! Sheamus has had enough as he takes part of the steel steps and he stands it up on the ramp. He throws Cena head first into the steel steps (and there’s no DQ called). Back in the ring, Sheamus calls the end of the match. Pump Kick…CONNECTS! HERE COMES THE NEXUS! Sheamus runs like a coward and Cena gets tossed over the announce table and they topple the table over him! Vince McMahon looks on and he grabs a microphone. He tells the group to leave Cena alone. He invites the group inside the ring and he seems to be in on the whole Nexus shabang. He takes partial responsibility for the actions by the group. Next week, the General Manager will reveal something. The Nexus doesn’t like this. Vince jokes around with them. Huge Daniel Bryan chants from the crowd as the Nexus surrounds Vince. THEY GANG UP ON VINCE! He tries to escape, but they keep on the attack. Sheffield hits Vince with a Lariat and Wade wants him up again for his finisher. Gabriel goes up top for the 450 and I have to ask…WHERE IS THE REST OF THE ROSTER? This gets old after awhile. They leave the ring to huge NXT chants.

No Contest
Grade: B

Show over.

The Inside Pulse

The Nexus attacks are actually starting to get a bit old for some weird reason. The new GM angle screams a lot of Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson…it also screams Michael Cole and even Vince himself. Chris Jericho beats Evan Bourne in a competitive match and Edge and Orton continue their feud. I’m intiruged to see what next week brings. Until later this week, have a great one!

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