10 Thoughts On TNA Impact – 6/17/10. Feat. Tommy Dreamer, Jay Lethal, Abyss

10. Well, first things first, TNA stripping The Band of the tag titles is possibly the smartest thing they have done in a LONG time. Plus setting up the tournament is a good way to give tag team wrestling a bit of time in the spotlight.

9. It’s pretty wonderful to see wrestling in the first few minutes of the show. Makes a nice change from too much talking before the action actually begins.

8. As much as I’m hearing that people aren’t liking “Ink Inc” as a tag team, it’s a great change to see TNA actually giving some of the younger guys a chance.

7. Not sold on Tommy Dreamer turning up in TNA. If they use him right, it could be great. But if they run with their track record, he’s in trouble.

6. Sometimes it’d be better to see a clean match rather than have it end by interference. The Hernandez / Joe match had some serious potential, but the Morgan run-in kind of wrecked it. Though Joe’s face once he realized Morgan had gotten involved was priceless. Hopefully we’re leading up to Morgan being beaten until he actually realizes he is only one person.

5. Rather enjoyable x-division match, it’s actually a great change of pace to see some different people actually being given matches. Feels like they’re working with their younger guys for a change.

4. Still not sold on Lacey von Erich as an in-ring performer, sure she’s improving from where she began, but she’s not really ready to take on a singles match. She did sell Angelina’s moves well, and Angelina seems to have the beginning of some momentum to carry her forward to her title match.

3. Actually liking where they’re going with this storyline with Lethal. Should be amusing to see how many of Flair’s “fortune” members he’s going to run through on his way to Flair at Victory Road.

2. As much as it was frustrating to see that match end with all 3 men on the outside, it did seem a little strange that they were offering a #1 contender match quite a few weeks before the actual PPV. Least this means that maybe they can build to the actual PPV match better.

1. It has been FAR too long since we’ve seen the crazy side of Abyss, this could be a nice change in pace. And also a possible place to slot Dreamer into if they want to use the hardcore angle.

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