10 Thoughts on WWE NXT – June 22, 2010, Alex Riley, Kaval

1. This ring announcer is trying way too hard. It’s like she’s trying to be Howard Finkel but she doesn’t have the voice for it.

2. That back tattoo doesn’t fit Riley’s gimmick very well and it looks out of place.

3. We’re two seasons in and I’m not a fan of the overhead camera that they sometimes use for the action. It’s disorienting and I prefer to see things from a horizontal angle. It’s just like how the NFL has that ridiculous kickoff camera or the NBA takes you to courtside to watch the game for a few minutes.

4. Is it just me or do tag team matches have no flow these days? Very little effort is put on effectively putting a face in peril and making it appear that he might actually lose.

5. Since Titus isn’t going too well I guess his video package is supposed to rally support for him from the state of Florida. It’s too bad JR isn’t on commentary or we would’ve heard all about his career before this episode.

6. What was with Michael McGillicuddy’s promo before his match? I get how he might be emotional for his victory, but it makes him look weak. Nevermind the ridiculousness of taking his last name from his mother who nearly all old school wrestling fans don’t care about.

7. That swinging neckbreaker McGillicuddy used to defeat O’Neil looked sick. It didn’t look as good on a replay, but they had the right camera angle for it the first time and that’s what matters.

8. Kaval busted out some sweet moves, especially the armbar in the corner, but lost again. However, he still came out looking good and no one is going to fault him for losing to a guy that big regardless of how much the Internet would’ve loved for him to become Spike Dudley 2.0.

9. Despite his former wrestling career and nearly surviving Kurt Angle’s five minute challenge years ago, Matt Striker has become such a pushover. One shot by the NXT 7 knocks him out cold and one shot from Cody Rhodes killed him last week. I guess after Husky Harris’s attack we can book that match for next week.

10. I’m legitimately surprised that Cody won the five minute challenge. Usually the guy who issues that challenge loses so I figured that this would follow a formula of the guy who issued the challenge waits too long to get serious. So I was pleasantly surprised.

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