Pretty Little Liars Music from Episode 1.3, "To Kill a Mocking Girl"

What would eating disorders, scandalous secrets, and torrid murder mysteries be without a rockin’ soundtrack to set the mood for Pretty Little Liars? Get down to the songs that were featured in Season 1, Episode 3, and channel all the show’s drama through your ears. In search of a song you really loved? All the tracks are featured in the free playlist below!

Mona Grills Hanna About Her Sex Life

Photo:Mona is desperate for deets. Hero worship much?

Artist: Lucky Soul
Song: One Kiss Don’t Make a Summer
Album: The Great Unwanted
Scene: Noel tells a girl about the party he’s throwing, and Mona pesters Hanna about the pace of her relationship with Sean. Hop off, Mona!
Don’t go thinking you’re cool, don’t you, don’t you
Don’t go thinking it through, don’t you, don’t you
You need a flame before you fizzle out
So it don’t matter much anyhow, anymore.
Cause sugar, one kiss don’t make a summer,
One kiss don’t make a summer.

Emily Shakes It Off

Photo:Um, wasn’t Emily violently assaulted by her boyfriend earlier? We love that her first impulse is to head to a barn party.

Artist: Black Mustang
Song: The One
Album: Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
Scene: Emily and Maya make their grand arrival in Maya’s ferocious convertible, and Maya counsels Emily to get back in the game (with her, obvi).
Sugar you’re so hard to please
The way you looking got me weak in the knees
I could be your boy so easy
You could be the girl to please me.

Spencer Double-Fists Laptops

Photo:History papers as easy as copy and paste, Spencer-style.

Artist: Nicole Atkins
Song: Cool Enough
Album: Neptune City
Scene: Spencer plagiarizes from her sister’s 6 year-old history paper, which is conveniently located on the desktop of her sister’s computer. Funny how that works!
Hiding out in alleyways
And sleeping on the beaches
In the summer
We would try anything
Anything just once
If it seemed cool enough.

Hanna's Not Into It

Photo:Hanna’s asking herself what she’s doing with this d-bag — and then she sees his chiseled body and all-American good looks and remembers why.

Artist: The Filthy Souls
Song: Tom Cat
Album: Now I’m Gone
Scene: Hanna wears an expression of apathetic disdain while watching her boyfriend play foosball. Buck up, Hanna — at least you know he’s good with his hands!
So come on baby take me to this place to be near you
So come on baby take me to this place to be free
Through the dark night and far away
Who can say why you wanted to leave
So come on baby take me to this place to be free.

Photo Booth Session

Photo:We’ll ignore how creepily clawlike Maya’s hand looks in this pic and focus on how cute their budding love is.

Artist: Chew Lips
Song: Two Hands
Album: Eight
Scene: Sean and Hanna get intimate, and Maya and Emily vogue for the camera (until they start making out, of course).
Only starting, take it all in
Two hands open, both minds open
Only starting both.

Hanna's Seduction Fails to Make a Splash

Photo:How romantic — a dirty, smelly barn. Well played, Marin.

Artist: S.O.Stereo
Song: “What You Wanted Me To Do”
Album: Unreleased
Scene: Hanna’s boyfriend shuts her down for the umpteenth time, and she refuses to take his jacket. Good call — it would not have worked with that dress.
I got enough bad habits, enough loose strings
Now my hands are tied amongst a number of things
And you, then there’s you
And I don’t have to look for trouble when it’s following me
Despite my vision only you I see
It’s you, yeah there was always you.

Hanna's In a Hurry

Photo:Hanna books it toward Sean’s car, ready to go for a wild (drunken) ride.

Artist: Evolove
Song: Let Me In
Album: 2012: Countdown to the End
Scene: Hanna steals Sean’s keys to go for a joyride, while Mona stands passively and watches her best friend prepare to drive drunk. What a true friend.
What say you, there’s trouble in your eyes
You can see it for miles
Something’s wrong, you haven’t been yourself
You’ve been distant and secretive

Ezra Comforts Aria in Season 1, Episode 3

Photo:Ezra comforts Aria after as she deals with her father’s affair with Meredith.

Artist: Jaylene Johnson
Song: Closer
Album: Unreleased
Scene: Aria, shaken up by her encounter with Meredith, goes to Ezra’s apartment in search of comfort. He offers her a ride home and has to be bullied into hugging her. Come on, Mr. Fitz, you can do better than that!
I decided I could be happy on my own
Find a way to get it done when I needed to be strong
Always choosing safely, I was going it alone
And never taking chances just in case I might be wrong.