One Year in Knoxville – June 6, 1992

Bob Caudle welcomed us to the show. As always, he was joined by Dutch Mantell. Caudle told us that today we’d see Brian Lee, the Dirty White Boy, the Batten Twins, and Jimmy Golden. He also told us we’d be looking at what had happened between Tim Horner and Buddy Landel, and the main event today would feature Dixie Dynomite vs. Paul Orndorff.

Mantell added that Bob Armstrong had promised that Orndorff would be accountable for his actions at the Volunteer Slam and also hinted that Orndorff had a statement to make.

Barry Horowitz then came in to talk with Dutch. Horowitz informed the fans that he was not a loser and he’d prove that. Mantell advised Horowitz that he’d be wrestling Brian Lee today. Horowitz said that all he had to do was beat Lee and he’d be the new champion. Horowitz brushed off Caudle’s objections and headed to the ring.

Horowitz was soon joined in the ring by SMW heavyweight champion Brian Lee for a non-title match. Horowitz grabbed the belt and posed with it as Lee pulled off his entrance gear.

The bell rang and Horowitz ducked a lockup. Horowitz went for one and Lee threw him into the ropes. The two finally locked up and Lee broke it before chasing Horowitz outside the ring.

Back inside, Lee caught Horowitz with a dropkick and snapmare before going to a side headlock. Horowitz rolled Lee over for a one and pulled Lee’s hair. Horowitz fought back to his feet and whipped Lee to escape the hold, then fell victim to an elbow drop. Lee went to a front face lock.

Horowitz stood again and backed Lee into the ropes to break the hold. Horowitz caught Lee with an elbow and then an uppercut. Lee reversed a whip and Horowitz caught him with a back elbow and then hit a jawjacker.

Horowitz raked Lee’s back and sent him into the top turnbuckle (with Horowitz’s boot on the buckle). Lee tried to fight back and Horowitz stopped him with a thumb to the eye. Horowitz fired punches and then rammed him into the turnbuckle.

Horowitz rolled up Lee and even feet over the ropes couldn’t keep down the champion. Horowitz slammed Lee and headed up top. Lee shook the ropes and Horowitz landed on the turnbuckle.

Lee kicked Horowitz and nailed a clothesline, then pulled him up and hit a powerslam. Lee covered and got a two.

Horowitz reversed a whip and Lee stopped, then hit the Cancellation for the win.

After the match, Horowitz threw a tantrum in the ring.

We then headed to footage from the Volunteer Slam of Lee fighting the Dirty White Boy. We joined the match with Lee down and DWB up on the second rope. Lee rolled out of the way of a DWB leg drop and rolled him up for the win.

After the bell DWB stomped Lee and left the ring to retrieve a chair. DWB cracked Lee in the back with the chair and then started focusing on the shoulder.

Next was Lee vs. Paul Orndorff. Ordorff caught the ref with an elbow as he punched Lee. Bob Armstrong came out as Orndorff sent Lee’s head into the turnbuckle and went for a piledriver that Lee backdropped his way out of while Armstrong was checking on the ref.

DWB hit the ring and Lee knocked him off the apron, throwing something to Orndorff in the doing. Orndorff caught Lee with his weapon and covered for a two. Orndorff loaded his fist again and Lee was ready. Lee caught Orndorff’s arm and Armstrong seized the weapon before disqualifying Orndorff and naming Lee the champion.

We came back to an interview with Caudle and Lee. Lee talked about how Orndorff and DWB were always after him. Lee promised to keep the title and promised to do whatever he had to in order to keep the belt.

We came back from commercial to find Caudle introducing meet and greets before some of the upcoming shows.

Tommy Angel was waiting in the ring as the Dirty White Boy made his way out while pushing Ron Wright down the aisle.

The two locked up and Angel hit a hiptoss to take down the DWB as Mantell ran down Wright’s medical history. The two locked up again and Angel got a headlock. DWB whipped his way out of it and wound up on the receiving end of a dropkick.

Wright gave DWB some advice and they locked up again. DWB got a side headlock and shoulderblocked Angel down, then Angel hit an armdrag to put down the DWB.

Angel went back to a side headlock and DWB whipped his way free. DWB telegraphed a backdrop and Angel punched him. DWB responded with a clothesline, then suplexed him down. DWB stomped Angel and raked his eyes.

DWB hit a punch and sent Angel into the turnbuckle, then punched him in the gut. DWB hit another clothesline. Angel hit a shoulder to try and fight back only for DWB to hit a double axe handle and choke Angel.

DWB whipped Angel across the ring and Angel dodged a charge, then punched back. Angel hit a whip of his own and DWB dodged a back elbow. DWB hit a punch and nailed the Bucksnort Blaster for the win.

DWB left the ring and got congratulated by Ron Wright.

Caudle was joined by Wright and DWB. Wright told Caudle he was so disgusted that his heart was giving him problems. Wright claimed that the DWB had been fast counted and it had given him a light stroke. Wright also advised that he was going to file a complaint against Armstrong because of the crooked referee.

DWB told Caudle that Wright would never lie and then said it didn’t matter how much Lee had paid the referees.

Lee hit the ring and grabbed a microphone. Lee invited DWB down for an impromptu match. DWB was planning to go up until Wright told him that his heart couldn’t handle the excitement of the match. DWB checked on his manager as Caudle sent us to commercial.

We came back to hear Caudle introducing the Batten Twins. We went to an interview where Bart promised that the twins were coming for a war against the Heavenly Bodies.

We headed to the ring to find Joe Cazana and Scott Sangman waiting. The Battens made their way down.

Bart started against Cazana. The two locked up and Cazana got a headlock. Cazana took Bart down with a back elbow and then wound up on the receiving end of a hiptoss. Brad got a shot in from the apron and Bart punched him as well.

Brad tagged in and the Battens hit a double clothesline. The two locked up and Brad went to work on Cazana’s arm. The Battens tagged again and Cazana raked Bart’s eyes.

Sangman tagged in and Bart hit a hiptoss before the Battens hit a double elbow. Bart covered for a one count. Bart tagged Brad back in and the Battens hit a diving shoulder. Bart got a one count and Cazana tagged in.

Cazana clubbed Brad on the back and then hit a back elbow to put him down. Cazana missed an elbow drop and Bart tagged in. Sangman came in on the other side and Bart put him down before cracking Sangman’s head into Cazana. The Battens whipped their opponents into each other and dropkicked Cazana out of the ring. Bart hit a dropkick from the ropes and covered for the win.

We then went to a telephone update from Bobby Fulton. Bobby thanked the fans for their support and then said that Jackie was healing and the Fantastics would return next week. Bobby promised that the Fantastics were targeting the Bodies and then guaranteed that they would take the Bodies and Cornette apart.

Cornette and the Bodies were with Caudle when we returned. Prichard promised that they wouldn’t be losing the tag belts tomorrow to the Battens and then said that it didn’t matter who they fought.

Cornette then took over and said that Jackie was coming back too soon. Cornette asked what would happen if a tragic “accident” occurred and Jackie’s knee was damaged so badly that he could never wrestle again. Cornette then gave Jackie a little present – a sign that said “I will work for food.”

We came back from commercial and Caudle sent us back to last week’s main event between Landel and Horner. Horner pulled Landel down and rolled him up into a bridge for the win. Landel attacked Horner and pitched him out of the ring. Landel sent Horner’s head into the ring post and we jumped ahead to see Landel stomping a bloody Horner. Landel grabbed the check and slammed Horner. Landel dropped elbows on Horner and then tore the check up and stuffed the pieces into Horner’s mouth.

We came back to see Landel join Caudle. Landel claimed that Horner had tried to use powder on him in the battle royal and the only reason he’d lost the match last week was because Landel was deathly ill. Horner came out and attacked. The two brawled around the ringside area before Horner chased Landel out of the arena.

We came back from commercial to find Caudle joined by Horner. Horner apologized for interfering in the TV taping and then promised to put the five thousand dollars up against Landel any time.

We headed to the ring where Ben Jordan was waiting to face Jimmy Golden. Golden went to jump Jordan and Jordan dodged. Golden tried again and Jordan kept dodging. Finally the two locked up and Golden shoved Jordan down.

They locked up again and Golden shoved Jordan down again, then ate a dropkick out of the ring as he was posing for the fans. Golden complained and returned to the ring. The two locked up and Golden hit a knee to Jordan’s head and clubbed him down. Golden sent Jordan’s head into the turnbuckle and followed that with a bodyslam that earned a one count.

Golden choked Jordan and then raked his eyes. Jordan dodged a clothesline and got a crucifix for a one. Jordan tried again and got another two. Jordan then hit a bodypress off the ropes for two.

Golden put Jordan down with a dropkick and got the win.

We came back to see Armstrong with Caudle. Armstrong fined Orndorff $500 for the foreign object and said that he’d not suspended him because of a special request from Brian Lee.

We headed to the ring to see Dixie Dynomite on his way to the ring. He was joined by Paul Orndorff.

The two locked up and Orndorff backed Dixie into the corner. Dixie dodged a forearm shot and the two locked up again. Dixie grabbed Orndorff’s arm and started cranking on it before going to an armbar.

Orndorff got free and Dixie slammed him before hitting a hiptoss. An angry Orndorff yelled at the ref. The two locked up and Orndorff went behind Dixie for a hammerlock. Dixie got free and Orndorff pulled Dixie’s hair to take him down into an armbar.

Orndorff held onto the arm and cranked away. Orndorff slammed Dixie and Dixie dodged an elbow drop. Dixie took Orndorff down with an armdrag and locked in an armbar of his own. Orndorff whipped free and Dixie shoulderblocked Orndorff down. Orndorff caught Dixie with a knee to the gut and started stomping away on him. Orndorff hit a snapmare and dropped an elbow on him.

Orndorff sent Dixie into the turnbuckle and followed with a clothesline before going to a chin lock. Dixie fought back with elbows and started throwing punches. Orndorff raked the eyes and took Dixie down with an armdrag. Orndorff came off the top and Dixie caught him with a fist.

Dixie hit a dropkick and then Orndorff dodged a second one. Orndorff slammed Dixie’s face into the mat and then Dixie caught him with an elbow. Dixie hit his Confederate Kick and climbed up top. Dixie hit a flying press and Orndorff rolled over and won the match with a handful of tights.

We came back to find Orndorff at commentary with Caudle. Orndorff continued to claim that Bob Armstrong was involved in a conspiracy against him. Orndorff promised to hurt Armstrong and stormed out as Caudle announced that next week’s main event would see Brian Lee facing Rip Rogers.

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