This Week In The Forums: Favorite Comic Book Romances


So this past week I posed this question to the forum.  I thought I would get some people to wax romantic about some of the couples that just are the epitome of love and romance.  This was the 1st post from Kromadas:

“Batman & Robin
I’m never making another column, am I?”


No sir…you will always make the column because I knew the direction this topic may go.  I just didn’t think it would be in the very 1st post.  There were some front runners and some out of nowhere ones that I wouldn’t have thought people would have liked.  The one that I couldn’t believe that no one mentioned was Martha and Jonathan Kent.  We might not have seen any romance from them (thankfully no walking in on them Aunt May style) but it just seemed to me that they were the perfect couple and perfect parents.  Now I mentioned a front runnr from the posts.  We get the 1st mention from Dhaise:

“Sue and Ralph Dibny. Especially around the JLI era.”


Beadle must have missed the original post but he had this to say:

“Somebody’s got to say Sue & Ralph. It even continues on after death.”


A few others mentioned them as well.  Now the one that really surprised me and I wouldn’t have thought of came from Beadle:

“Silver Surfer and Shalla Bal. It always had that real sense of tragedy about it. Genuinely star-crossed lovers.”


I would never have thought of that one but I completely agree.  Now there is one that I wish I would have thought of 1st and it came from Nalydpsycho:

“Surprised I’m the first to mention it… Bigby Wolf and Snow White.”


There were at least 2 of us that got mad that we didn’t mention that one 1st.  Now I love Fables and the way that romance was written was by far one of the best.  Now as usual we had our funny ones.  Beadle posts:

“Galactus and Ms. Lion.”


Yeah…not touching that one or this one from AFN:

“The Wonder Twins. You know they had some *nick nick* going on.”


Lastly though, I would get thrown out of our group if I were not to post this suggestion which I whole heartedly endorse and love.  From AFN:

“Wicker Sue and us.”


Now go and read the full thread here and maybe give some of your 2 cents.

Now finally after 3 months (seriously we need to shorten this next time) the champion of the Avengers tournament has been crowned.  After losing the point vote off  Beadle and his Eart’s Nuttiest Heroes came back with the win during the team concept and fight straegy voting.  So congrats to Beadle even though he beat my team.  Plus speaking of my team I have to post this link that shows how I inspired a friend of mine to illustrate my team concept for the Woodland Avengers.  You can find it hear and just scroll down to the final piece at the end.  Due to language this may not be safe for work.

Well that is it for this week.  As always go read the forums to catch up on what we like and dislike about all the comics we get.  Next weak we are going to go over the hottest comic book babe.  Beause you know…perviness sells.