Wednesday Comments – Jimmy Corrigan, Danijel Zezelj and of course Geoff Johns

Well, first things first; in regards to last week’s column (“Geoff Johns Must Be Stopped“) I questioned what Geoff Johns’ motivation for writing was and who he was writing for. I posited that he was writing for Hollywood and not out of genuine passion. He was kind and mature enough to drop me a line to clear some things up.

So, Geoff, I apologize for making such a brash statement.

And now on, with the show.

I love comics and I’ve got a ton of them. By the time that you read this I’ll at the very least be en route to pick this week’s addition to my collection. It’ll be a double digit stack of comics, plus the latest issue of Previews.

The thing is that comics are only a hobby. I’ve got a handful of other interests that I’m roughly as passionate about. And that’s why I’ve got a stack of comics sitting in my “rainy day” or “to read” pile. Every Baltimore Comic Con and every Free Comic Book Day that pile grows.

In an effort to compel myself to actually make a dent into the pile I’ve decided to write about it’s composed of in an attempt to shame myself into giving it the attention that it deserves.

Congo Bill, El Diablo and Luna Park – A few months back I going through my Danijel Zezelj phase. I’d read El Diablo when it was released, but Luna Park’s not even opened. And Congo Bill came last. I keep telling myself I’m going to have a Zezelj marathon one weekend, but it’s yet to happen.

JSA vs Kobra – I did get into this mini because I was actually getting ready to drop JSA when it was released. But on FCBD I snagged the mini for a buck an issue. That’s a pretty solid deal.

Manbat – I brought this Elseworlds mini back from my latest trip back home. I wanted to see if it was a good as I remember it being. I made it though the first issue, but I’ve still got two more to go.

The Invisibles #5-25 – I’d read the first arc and I was curious, but I never got around to continuing on. Now it’s just collecting dust waiting for me to be in the mood for a freak out journey into the mind of Grant Morrison.

Deadman #1-13 – I’d read the first handful of issues of this Vertigo book and it didn’t really click with me. But when it was cancelled with #13, I figured I’d give it another go. Of course that was years ago.

The Vinyl Underground #6-12 – Yet another short lived Vertigo series. Despite the fact that I wasn’t reading it, I was buying it on a monthly basis. I just wanted to read the storylines in one sitting. Once again, that was years ago.

Jonah Hex #35 & 50 – I only picked up these issues for the artists, And despite the last of commitment that these two stand alone issues pose, I’ve still yet to hunker down and plow through them.

The Bronx Kill – I’ve really enjoyed the two Vertigo Crime books that I’ve read and I’m a fan of Peter Milligan’s work. Y’know what? I just decided that I’m going to read this book next. I mean, after I read Greendale.

The Executor – This is pretty much a ditto.

Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth – I actually did try to read this a few ago. I didn’t get that far (I don’t really have the attention for something that can’t be read in one sitting.) But I’m going to make the effort to start over and get though it this time. Though in fairness, this might be my resolution for next year.

And that’s it. Actually that’s just the stuff in “heavy rotation” as opposed to my “must read” box. In that box is my run of Hefner’s The Shadow and 100 Bullets (which I really want to reread as a project.)

But lest you think that I’ve totally slacked off this year I did manage to work though Point Blank, both seasons of Sleeper and Sandman Mystery Theatre. So I have done a decent amount of reading beyond current issues.

When I revisit this list in six months I really hope that I’ve made some progress on it. But since that’ll be after this year’s Baltimore Comic Con it’s more likely that my pile will have grown.

I’ve got too many comics and not enough time to read them. Actually that’s a pretty awesome problem to have.

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