Bachelor Pad News: Show Details, Cast History and Hookups

More Bachelor Pad deets! Reality Steve has uncovered some details about the upcoming season and who we can expect to see sneaking down the hall for a not-so-secret rendezvous! Here’s the lowdown:

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Elimination Station: Since the season is six episodes long and there are 19 people, there’s going to be more than one elimination per episode. Each group of sexes will complete in challenges, with one girl and one guy being selected as winners. Each of the winners gets to select three people for a date. On the date, they will give one person a rose, and that person will then have immunity from that evening’s elimination. Supposedly, all of the cast members will be brought back for the finale, and may be voting on the winner. (Sounds like Survivor, doesn’t it?)

More Fantasy Suite Dates! A fantasy suite card will be presented on each date, which means that there’s likely going to be a lot of action! The actual suite is located in the same mansion that all of the contestants are housed in. Better bring your earplugs, people!

Who’s Already Hooking Up? That would be Jesse Kovacs (Jillian’s season) and Elizabeth Kitt (Jake’s season), who have been rumored to be seeing each other for a few months. Although it’s definitely not exclusive on his end — it sounds like he’s a major ladies man.

Who’s Destined to Make Out With Everbody? Supposedly Natalie Getz (from Jason’s season) will be the “kissing bandit” of the season, making out with pretty much everyone. Oh no — even The Weatherman?!

You and Every Other Guy in America:
Slimeball Wes Hayden (Jillian’s season) has his eye on swimsuit model Gia Allemand (Jake’s season), who technically shouldn’t even be eligible since she’s back together with her hockey player ex-boyfriend. Although, we’d love to see him visit the house with his hockey stick in hand to catch Wes hitting on his girl!

Tenley + Kiptyn = ?: How cute would these two be together? Well, according to Reality Steve, Tenley Molzahn (Jake’s season) and hottie Kiptyn Locke (Jillian’s season) are just good friends, even though they’ve been seening a lot of each other. Will Bachelor Pad bring these two cuties closer together? We’ll see.

This Can’t End Well… In Nikki Kaapke’s bio, ABC asks: “…but will her romantic past with a fellow contestant work to her advantage this time around?” We’re guessing no. Nikki (Jason’s season) and Juan Barbieri (Jillian’s season) dated briefly and it ended badly. A recipe for drama if we’ve ever heard one!

Wow, compared to this cast, The Bachelor is starting to seem pretty tame! We can’t wait to see how this all plays out!

Source: Reality Steve

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