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VH1 runs those TV’s Most Shocking Moments specials featuring clips from reality shows and dramatic series. Some of clips are jaw dropping, but they always miss what ought to be considered the most outrageous stunt ever performed in a classic sitcom. Where is the respect for the time Fred Mertz ripped the rug off Mr. Drysdale’s head? How can people forget who got the best when I Love Lucy faced off against The Beverly Hillbillies on the set of My Three Sons? This monumental battle can be found on My Three Sons: The Second Season, Volume Two.

“Bub Gets a Job” has the grandfather (William Frawley) getting frustrated at his role in the Douglas house. Bub O’Casey wasn’t meant to live out his final days as a mom substitute for Chip (Stanley Livingston), Robbie (Don Grady) and Mike (Tim Considine). He’s become a bored housemaker for his pre-occupied son-in-law (Fred MacMurray). He wants a real job so he doesn’t have to wear an apron all day. Getting back in the workforce proves to be tricky for the elderly Bub. He finally gets a thankless job at a clothing store. He deals with a kid who holds onto an ice cream cone while trying on a jacket. Rusty Stevens plays the kid and had previously been Larry Mondello on Leave it to Beaver. The most irritating customer is Raymond Bailey, the future Mr. Drysdale on The Beverly Hillbillies. He’s looking for a new belt and hat. Bub’s Irish temper uncaps when he forces a small hat on Bailey’s head. When he yanks off the hat, Bailey’s toupee comes off. You might think the moment is spoiled, but you’ll still be shocked. Two icons of classic TV meet and fireworks explode.

“Le Petit Stowaway” starts with Steve promising to take Chip with him to Chicago. The military changes Steve’s plans. They’re sending him to Paris. Chip stowaways on the military flight and ends up roaming the streets of the City of Light. Must have been great to have such slack airport security in 1962. “Robbie Valentino” brings another Beverly Hillbillies icon to the show with Nancy Kulp (Miss Jane Hathaway). Robbie gets excited when a crew arrives at the school to shoot an educational film. He gets a bit too excited when the director wants him and a classmate for a close up. “A Holiday for Tramp” lets the family dog mingle with a famous actress (Eve Arden). “Chip’s Party” reminds us that the point of a birthday party is to share the joy with friends and not merely collect presents. He learns this fact from dad. However pops screws him over royally on party day. “Pencil Pusher” lets Steve show Chip that he does more than draws at a desk. He’s got to help a pilot land at the air force base. “Robbie the Caddy” has the kid blow a golf tournament for a hothead.

“Coincidence” brings Billy Barty (Sigmund and the Sea Monsters) to the show. Butch Patrick (Eddie Monster) pops up in”Air Derby” along with Los Angeles radio legend Chick Hearn. “Too Much in Common” places Mike into a rut with his girlfriend. He plays the field on the sly. Is he going to get burned for this? Or will he become a swinger? “The Hippopotamus Foot” features a frat prank that gets Mike in hot water with the college. “The Kibitzers” brings Bub’s pinochle pals into family business. They attempt to be helpful, but end up getting everyone in major trouble. Is Bub willing to lay down the house rules?

While Fred MacMurray is the star of the series, William Frawley proves to be the glue that makes this family series stick. His curmudgeon charm keeps things interesting. MacMurray lets his pipe define him as a father to the boys. Frawley’s pitch perfect when removes Mr. Drysdale’s toupee. MacMurray couldn’t have pulled off that moment. My Three Sons: The Second Season, Volume Two is further proof of the genius of William Frawley.

The Episodes
“Bub Gets a Job,” “Le Petit Stowaway,” “Robbie Valentino,” “The Masterpiece,” “A Holiday for Tramp,” “The Big Game,” “Chip’s Party,” “Casanova Trouble,” “The Pencil Pusher,” “Innocents Abroad,” “Robbie the Caddy,” “Coincidence,” “Air Derby,” “Too Much in Common,” “Chug and Robbie,” “Good Influence,” “The Hippopotamus Foot” and “The Kibitzers.”

The video is 1.33:1 full frame. The black and white transfers are sharp. You can see the worldly experience in the wrinkles of William Frawley. The audio is Dolby Digital mono. The big issue of music replacement remains. Outside of the opening and closing themes, they’ve redone all the soundtracks. They’ve mixed the music down a bit so the modern score doesn’t step on the actors’ lines.


My Three Sons: The Second Season, Volume Two is worth grabbing just for the scene of Frawley scalping the future Mr. Drysdale. It ought to be part of any good “Most Shocking Sitcom Moments” lists.

CBS DVD presents My Three Sons: The Second Season, Volume Two. Starring: William Frawley, Fred MacMurray Tim Considine, Don Grady and Stanley Livingstone. Boxset Contents: 18 episodes on 3 DVDs. Released on DVD: June 15, 2010. Available at

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