Pulse Wrestling Report: WWE Superstars 06.24.2010 – SES, R-Truth, Bella Twins, William Regal

Matches include Brie Bella vs Jillian, Chris Masters vs Straight Edge Society member Luke Gallows and the Main event of R Truth vs 2008 King of the Ring: William Regal.

1. JTG vs Caylen Croft
– Rematch from a couple weeks ago when JTG beat Caylen. Pretty much a squash match with JTG having control most of the time. Trent Barretta tried to interfere but JTG was able to fight him off. JTG wins with the Roll of the Dice.
Winner: JTG

Graphic for the Main Event which is R Truth vs William Regal

2. Luke Gallows w/Serena vs Chris Masters
-  Announcers put over how Luke beat up Kane on SD last week and how he needs Punk while Chris Masters was able to overcome his problems by himself. Before the break, Masters does a nice suplex which sends Luke to the outside. After the break, Masters goes for the masterlock but Luke reverses it. Each guy tries to hit a finisher with no results. Serena distracts Master and Luke is able to hit the 12 step for the win.
Winner: Luke Gallows

NXT Recap

3. Brie Bella vs Jillian
– Jillian comes out and starts singing the OLE song. Match wasn’t much but the finish was great. The Bellas tried to pull a switch but the Ref caught them and had Brie go back in the ring. Brie hit Jillian with a move and the ref goes to check on her. Nikki switches with Brie and rolls up Jillian for the win.
Winner: Brie Bella

Sheamus video is shown

Clips of the Vince beat down on Raw airs.

4. R-Truth vs William Regal
– Truth hurts his knee doing a drop kick and Regal takes advantage of it most of the match. Out of nowhere, Truth hits the Lie Detector for the win in a pretty short main event.
Winner: R-Truth

Final Thoughts: OK show with one pretty good match and a few short ones.

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