The Top 10 OMG Moments from Episode 1.3, "To Kill a Mocking Girl"

Have you caught your breath yet, or are you still reeling from the craziness of last night’s Pretty Little Liars episode? In a show that’s nothing but one crazy twist after another, we’ve rounded up the episode’s Top 10 most gasp-worthy, chill-inducing OMG moments.

10. Toby is not exactly Mr. Popular

The Creeper Twins

Photo:Who needs a seeing-eye dog when you have a crazy recently-paroled (or something) stepbrother?

Aria, Emily, and the other girls are shocked to find that Toby is back at the school, along with his sister, Jenna. The Cavanaugh family is apparently less popular at this school than a plow that shows up just before school starts on a snowy day!

9. Sean spurns Hanna… again

Hanna's Seduction Fails to Make a Splash

Photo:How romantic — a dirty, smelly barn. Well played, Marin.

We’re still not sure why Hanna was convinced that the attic would get Sean’s motor running. You mean, he isn’t turned on by moth-eaten clothes, mouse traps, and thick layers of dust?! Shocking!

8. The bitch is back!

Byron's Past Fling Comes Back to Haunt Him

Photo:Such a sweet smile… but we know she’s a bitch.

Byron’s mistress Meredith returns and introduces herself to Aria. Note to Meredith: If you’re trying to hook up with an older man, you’re supposed to be a nanny for his kids, not a fellow teacher at his school! Have you learned nothing from gossip magazines?!

7. Darren finds Hanna’s bracelet

Hanna Contemplates Her Friendship Bracelet in Season 1, Episode 3

Photo:Hanna contemplates her own friendship bracelet in the wake of the discovery of Alison’s.

Darren grabs Hanna’s bracelet out of her bag. Buddy, if you need help finding the perfect accessory, you should just try asking next time!

6. Spencer “borrows” something else of Melissa’s

Spencer Double-Fists Laptops

Photo:History papers as easy as copy and paste, Spencer-style.

First Spencer steals Melissa’s man, then she steals her paper! So now Spencer is making false claims about her writing? Looks like we’ve got another James Frey on our hands!

5. Em and Maya finally kiss

Kiss the Girl

Photo:Cute, girls, but next time let’s get a little more passion in there.

Talk about hot! However, if you’re trying to keep your lesbian kiss from your friends and family, perhaps kissing in front of a camera is not your best bet!

4. Ali’s bracelet

Alison's Friendship Bracelet

Photo:For a little scrap of fabric, that bracelet looks remarkably well-preserved!

The girls find a bracelet with Alison’s name on it! Either it belonged to their friend, or else West Wing star Allison Janney has just moved into their neighborhood!

3. The car crash

Car Crash Fiasco

Photo:NBD, just a lil’ DUI.

Hanna leaves a party and crashes the car, apparently taking a page out of Lindsay Lohan’s playbook. (And for once, a hot blonde gets into a car accident and can’t blame it on being chased by the paparazzi!)

2. Copies of the infamous photo

Plastered Up Photos

Photo:This dude has clearly been taking notes during Law & Order: SVU of what obsessed photo collages are supposed to look like.

Looks like Emily and Maya’s secret kiss won’t be “secret” much longer! And we can understand that someone would want to check out photos of this sexy kiss, but does the person need sooo many copies? It’s almost like this stalker hasn’t heard of Internet porn!

1. Toby vs. Ben. Who ya got?

Not His Best Look

Photo:Whoa! ABC Family goes there.

Clearly, Toby is one to punch first and ask questions later. We haven’t seen this much blood in a high school since the last time we watched Carrie.