10 Thoughts On Superstars 06.24.2010 – The Bellas, R-Truth, Ted Dibiase

1. Oh joy, I get to watch JTG wrestle. Damn this column for not allowing me to fast forward through this match!

2. I don’t get the appeal of The Dudebusters. All their moves look poorly rehearsed.

3. Why doesn’t Punk accompany Luke to the ring? They’re supposed to be an incredibly loyal stable, but Punk is always absent from his matches on Superstars.

4. I know Chris Masters is a big dude, but Luke may be a little too hefty for him to suplex. It looked terrible.

5. One of these days, I’d like to see Serena get kicked in the dome. Her interferences are predictable and half-hearted. I wonder why she even bothers. And when can we see her in singles action?

6. I missed this week’s NXT…what the hell is Kaval wearing?

7. I’ve heard that the Bella’s do a lot of charity work, which is really cool. But they’re useless on air. I hate that they still have jobs, whereas Maria and Mickie do not.

8. Superstars is the one place the Divas get decent time for their matches, but they always seem like a waste. Bring Gail Kim back!

9. Is the promo-guy on vacation? The Raw promos are shown in their entirety a lot lately. I miss the epic recaps.

10. R-Truth and William Regal for the main event? I heard that Ted Dibiase and Goldust filmed a match, but it wasn’t aired. That would have been far more entertaining.

Overall, a mediocre episode of Superstars. Definitely a filler-show, this week. I sometimes wonder why the WWE even keeps it going. When I first started watching, Randy Orton was the main event. What happened to that? I feel they could have a great show on an otherwise slow Thursday. @KELLYFLOYDBRAND

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