10 Thoughts on ROH on HDNet 06.28.2010 feat. Tyler Black vs. El Generico, Kevin Steen, & Necro Butcher

1. I have mixed feelings on the Steen-Generico tie-choking segment at Death Before Dishonor. On one hand, it was good for a chucke, and not inconsistent with their storyline. On the other, what’s the point of spending your already limited air time to take a potshot at your “competition” over something about which they are completely unabashed (their PG rating)?

2. I’m sure my weekly praise of Kevin Steen is getting repetitive, but as long as he continues to knock it out of the park every week, I have to continue mentioning it. His and Corino’s running commentary during Steen’s match was the most entertaining wrestling segment of the night, regardless of company.

3. Grizzly Redwood isn’t going to win any titles, or even be a key figure in a high-profile feud, but he has a lot of value to the company in a “Spike Dudley in ECW” sort of way. The crowd seems to dig him, he makes his opponents’ offensive moves look killer, and he can be counted on for the occasional entertaining, spirited affair, like his match with Stevens tonight.

4. Well, while Necro joining the Embassy doesn’t end the Necro-Embassy storyline, it at least ends the feud (for the time being), and has some rationale behind it. Embassy-Rasche is somewhat new and gives Rasche something to do besides squashing jobbers, so huzzah. I just hope they don’t drag it out too long.

5. I still think Davey Richards should have won the belt at Death Before Dishonor, not in spite of his supposed retirement at the end of the year, but largely because of it. They could have given him a well-deserved title run, gotten some great matches out of it, and put over someone huge (maybe make Tyler the second two-time champ?) by having him take the title on Davey’s way out the door.

6. Fun little tag match between Cheech & Cloudy and House of Truth. It’s nice to see ROH attempting to freshen up its tag division. I don’t know what kind of ceiling either of these teams have, due to their size and look, but the only way to find out is to give them a chance to go out there and get over, and ROH is doing just that. In case you’re wondering, of the two, I’m partial to Cheech & Cloudy.

7. Speaking of tag teams, I know a lot of people like the Dark City Fight Club in the ring more than I do, but I don’t think even those people could claim that their interview segment tonight was any good. Because it wasn’t. Probably the lowlight of the show. At least it was short.

8. I am glad to see the Steen-Generico feud isn’t over yet. A couple of weeks ago, I expressed my hope that ROH doesn’t drag the feud, awesome as it’s been, for too long. It makes sense, however, for the blow-off to happen in a one-on-one No Holds Barred match, or some other form of gimmick match that lends itself to brutality.

9. Here’s hoping tonight’s interaction between Steen and Black is leading up to a future feud and/or title match. Steen has mastered his current character and would make a great foil for Black.

10. Black and Generico punctuated a very good show with a kick-ass match. Performances like this from Generico will ensure that he doesn’t get lost in the shuffle after his feud with Steen. He got a surprising amount of fan support tonight, and is someone that can challenge for either singles belt in a pinch (and even possibly hold the TV Title). I can even live with the non-finish, since it may lead to good things.

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