FIFA First Round

Brazil, Spain, Argentina, the three favorites made it through the first round all with relative ease though the Spanish suffered a lone loss. These are the three teams who are considered to be betting favorites with little doubt as to why.

There was one major upset with the Italians struggling and failing to win a game while drawing two in their group. The other 2006 world cup finalist got what they deserved, being sent home quickly and putting up no real threat to Group A, making the world cup on Theirry Henry’s hand ball that lead to the victory against Ireland in the qualifiers.

Only one African team advanced, Ghana which pulled of a win against Serbia and showed that they will be able to compete, and will face the USA who advanced due to the mistake by English goal tender Robert green in the first game of the group.

The English, considered as viable threats every time around, were on the verge of being eliminated but will now face Germany, who topped their group.

The most entertaining and watched matches will be between the Spanish and Portuguese who both have been able to fend of tough challenges, with Portugal not allowing a goal through the first round though facing a tough task from Brazil. The other game to watch will be the Netherlands who swept the first round and could be through to the semifinal facing an easy task in Slovakia.

The big name players have come to play but not many have been able to put the ball in the net, though they have come close, case and point Lionel Messi who has multiple shots of the post, while Kaka got sent of for a cowardice play by an opponent. These players should step up and prove they earn the money they are paid when it counts the most.

The majority of the first round was low scoring games, with teams like New Zealand, Australia and Ghana showing that they can compete when they were though to be the bottom dwellers, while teams like the Azzuri and French dropped off quickly. Hopefully the suprises continue as well as the goal scoring, which started of slow but is on pace to top the last Cup. The favorites are still in the tournament and should meet in the semis or the final which should make this a much better final than the last one.

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