NFL News: Commissioner Goodell To Meet With Vince Young Over Strip Club Incident


Roger Goodell said he plans to meet with Young in the coming weeks before training camp begins.

Goodell said Young, who is a first time legal offender, will probably not be suspended for his actions. Young was in a strip club when a fellow patron made a derogatory hand gesture against the University of Texas where Young played college football.

Goodell was speaking at the rookie symposium warning rookies of potential dangers and telling them how to handle certain situations to stay out of trouble.

Goodell also said the league was still gathering facts about a recent shooting outside a party held by Michael Vick. Quanis Phillips, one of Vick’s dogfighting co-defendants, was wounded during the shooting. It’s unknown if Vick was even at the party at the time of the shooting or if Phillips was invited to the party. It would be a violation of his probation and reinstatement with the league for Vick to be associating with Phillips.