ABC Family Orders 12 More Episodes of Pretty Little Liars!

"A" Won't Leave the Girls Alone


We’ll have to keep this lipstick-on-the-mirror trick in mind next time somebody ignores our texts.

CR: ABC Family/Adam Rose

We didn’t need any more confirmation that Pretty Little Liars is a smash success, but we got it anyway: ABC Family has ordered 12 more episodes of the show, which means the first season will total a respectable 22 episodes!

As PLL fans know, the show was the most-watched debut in ABC Family history, and has just continued to grow in popularity with each successive episode. With the network calling for additional episodes, we can be confident that plot threads will be resolved and at least some of our questions will be answered by the end of Season 1! That said, it also makes us wonder: with only eight books in the series, where will the writers take the show after the books’ storylines have been adapted? Of course, they can go the route of Gossip Girl and develop original stories — but with kleptomania, lesbian love affairs, teacher-student romances, sister-boyfriend-snatching, extramarital affairs, murder mysteries, and who knows what else, we’re just worried that the writers will run out of scandals!