Bachelorette 2010 Spoilers: More Background Information On Justin "Rated R" Bachelorette Girlfriend Scandal

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You want more background information on the scandal that got revealed on this week’s episode of The Bachelorette, look no further. Here are the details:

– Justin’s girlfriend, Jessica, was well aware Justin was going on the show. Justin told her to wait for him until he got back, that he was doing this for his career, she’s the one he wanted to be with, etc.

– After Justin leaves to do the show, Jessica sees a suspicious post on Justin’s Facebook page from another girl by the name of Kimberly. This caused Jessica to contact Kimberly. When she did, she found out that Justin had been in a relationship with Kimberly as well. At that point, she was pissed and wanted to come forward. As did Kimberly. He was playing two women, and neither knew about the other one..

– Jessica just so happens to live in the same city, Toronto, as former Bachelor wanna-be rose-winning Jessie Sulidis. So she contacted her asking for help about getting in contact with someone at ABC to tell them Justin is a liar and Ali should know.

This is all according to Kimberly, who ABC knew about but didn’t sign under contract. That meant she could talk to anyone she wanted, and she talked to Reality Steve, the #1 Bachelor/Bachelorette spoiler expert in the world. Here is what Kimberly told him about the situation:

“well, basically, i was dating justin up until he went on the show. about a week after he had left, i got a msg from a girl claiming to be justin’s girlfriend of a year and a half. she said she had found me after looking at his fb and reading our messages and etc. i didn’t believe her at first, but we exchanged stories, messages, photos etc. and we found out it was true that he was dating us at the same time. needless to say he’s a really good liar and a master manipulator.”

When asked Kimberly if ABC tried to contact her. Her response:

“they contacted jessica. his long term gf. the producers thought having 2 girls be part of the show would be too much drama and sound far fetched. even tho it was the truth.”

She was then asked “So what do you think made Jessica come forward and out Justin to the show?” Her answer:

“the only reason why jessica confronted Ali was because she found out about me. and she was going to wait for justin to come back home and continue their relationship (i was also planning on doing the same, until i found out about Jessica). but once she knew he was already cheating on her she felt the need to confront Ali so he didnt get away with his games anymore. we wanted to confront Ali together, but the producers didnt want that.”

Did she have any idea that Justin had a girlfriend other than her? Her response:

“and i was so sure he didnt have a gf cuz he said it was in his contract that he was not allowed to have a gf. so why would i even think he did have another gf. he said he was single b4 he met me cuz of the show. and i let him go on the show cuz he said it was a career move and we would get back together once he was done filming.”


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