The Real Housewives of New York City – Episode 3-18


So, the much touted Lost Footage revealed… not much. It was fun, but those who were hoping for bits of Kelly Killoren Krazytown’s epic “breakthrough” were left wanting. I’ve been saying all along that Bravo will not touch that subject. It would mean for a ratings coup, but something big is preventing them from going there – they didn’t on the show, on the reunions, even on Watch What Happens Live. My guess? They turned the cameras off when things got a little too crazy. They probably don’t even have much footage from left that night.

How funny was Sonja during Ramona’s sweat gland procedure? They need to do a Samonja spin off, stat. I guess Ramona was trying to push her doctor onto Sonja, but that didn’t work out too well, judging from the nauseous look on Sonja’s face. VEAL CHOP! She was too cute with that juice box. Truth be told, I would love this kind of procedure, especially during the summer months. Perspire no more!

Kelly has to be the worst host ever. Wine, champagne, and JELLY BEANS. Yeah, that’s yummy. Sonja and LuAnn must have been cringing on the inside. And once again, I’m confused by Kelly. She brings up men by mentioning inviting them over for cocktails, and then complains about the women talking about men. Whatevs, Kelly. I’ll be over by the veal chop.

My favorite part of this entire episode was the brief scene of Simon giving Bethenny a long bear hug. It was the first time they’d seen Bethenny since the announcement of her pregnancy, and everyone was aglow. I don’t think regaling her with stories of their pregnancies was the welcome Bethenny expected, though. Loved her facial expressions while listening to Ramona’s ramontional pregnancy rant, while Alex tried to get a word in edgewise.

What was Kelly thinking? Sonja’s ‘gotta hawt bawdy’ – I’m pretty sure she works out and takes care of herself. She doesn’t need a condescending visit from Kelly to remind her to lead a “healthful” life. I don’t see the connection between being a good person and plastic surgery. Sonja openly admits it was a little thing that bothered her personally (something exercise can’t fix, you can’t spot reduce) so she elected to surgery. I don’t think she’s breeding lifelong insecurities in her daughter, whom Sonja probably already had a talk with about “lipposuction.” Since when is Kelly the moral voice about plastic surgery? She’s obviously been under the knife several times, her boobs are running away from each other.

Ramon’s friend seems like a bitch. Why shouldn’t Alex be in a show? I’m glad Ramona stayed to watch, although her comments were a bit mean. Alex seemed fine on the runway, especially in comparison to the RAMONA RUNWAY WALK. There’s no way Ramona will be able to live that down.

OH MY GOD. Even in the depths of “Al Sharpton!”, Kelly was never this annoying. She would. Not. Stop. Talking. If anyone ever spoke like that to me while I was at the gym, I would scream bloody murder and throw a dumbbell at their head. Anyone denying Ramona’s renewal can’t possible do so after watching this scene, Ramona had the patience of Mother Theresa.

She had a little blow up when she was hostessing, but I think that was understandable. She had it all planned out, and like spoiled children, Kelly and Jill wanted to switch things up. Anything that gets Ramona to “shuterr down” is good in my book.

And last, but not least, the speakerphone question came up at the reunion. I’m glad this was addressed, because it was a pretty rude show from the Classy Countess. LuAnn wised up though, and admitted it was wrong and exposed the people on the other end. Liking the new her.

In true Bravo fashion, the Lost Footage ends with a bit of self promotion for each of the ladies, and a sweet plug for my new favorite show, Bethenny Getting Married?

I don’t know about you, but I want more of the NYC women. B’s show is awesome and is sustaining me for now, but I need me some Ramona! And I just met Sonja before having her ripped away. Are you missing them like I am? Which Housewives would you like to see back? Do you think RHONJ is a suitable substitute? (I don’t!)

Don’t worry thought, I just might be back for The Real Housewives of DC!

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