10 Thoughts On TNA Impact – 06.24.2010 Feat. Team 3D, Tommy Dreamer, Abyss

10. One thing TNA have been consistently getting right at the moment is cutting back on excessive talking before we get into the wrestling. Which is nice considering it’s a wrestling show!

9. Madison Rayne is looking more and more like a Velvet Sky clone each week. She pulled off that backstage promo well, and the Knockouts match this week wasn’t half bad. Hoping they don’t drop the ball on this between now and Victory Road.

8. If they keep going with Lethal taking out every wrestler that Flair is considering for “Fortune” it could actually get pretty entertaining. If Flair is left with no-one by the time Victory Road comes around it could mean the total and utter destruction of him.

7. Together, Kurt Angle and Desmond Wolfe put on a damm good show each time they’re put in a ring together. They could have put that pairing on a PPV and people would probably actually be excited to see it.

6. If they’re building to Team 3D killing each other and going at it in singles matches, they really need to reassess that. Tease the blowup, but don’t actually put them into singles matches.

5. If Tommy Dreamer keeps turning up with new people each week, TNA could end up employing lots of ex-ECW wrestlers. Planning an invasion maybe? (Hopefully not, as WWE seem to be doing well with that angle now and it would only hurt TNA to go with a similar storyline).

4. Can’t complain about Beer Money getting the win, they deserve the shot. Probably more than Ink Inc do right now. Looking forward to their match with the MCMG boys, two strong teams who should be able to put together an impressive match.

3. Loved AJ Styles’ blatant advertisement for new TNA figurines. That was pretty amusing.

2. It’s enjoyable seeing Abyss back where his character seems to fit best, as the crazed monster who’ll take every bit of pain thrown at him. Plus, turning on Hogan seems to be working out for him.

1. Well, TNA seem to be on a roll with things actually making sense and the shows haven’t been as bad as they’ve been in the past. Let’s see if they can stick with this and not mess with the good they’ve been doing!

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