Mark Millar Writing Old Man Logan Sequel


Last night on his message boards, Mark Millar announced that he had begun work on a sequel to his best selling Old Man Logan, a sequel that he’s calling “The greatest Wolverine story ever told.”

Here’s the actual message.


Just back from a business trip to London and have been thinking about the Old Man Logan sequel a bit lately. It’s been in the back of my mind since before I started writing the first issue of the original, but this was the first time I’d actually put pen to paper. Marvel had offered me a classic book a few weeks back and when I was sitting on the plane planning to put some notes together I just couldn’t stop. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the book I was offered, but the Old Man Logan sequel. It opens with this insane Spidey flashback which pretty much sets the tone. My God, it’s going to be fun to write.

Of course, it’s still got to be formally pitched to Marvel so this isn’t an announcement by any means. I’ll talk to them this week and see what they think, but the first one did so many printings of each issue. I think we averaged around 120,000 copies per book in the end and trade sales were amazing so it should be fine.


I can’t see Marvel not green lighting this project, or me not buying it. I picked up Old Man Logan in trade and loved it.

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