One Year in Knoxville – June 13, 1992

Bob Caudle welcomed us to the show. As always, he was joined by Dutch Mantell. Caudle told us that today we’d be seeing Robert Gibson, the Party Patrol, the Heavenly Bodies, and Tim Horner. Caudle added that today’s main event would see Brian Lee defending the heavyweight title against Rip Rogers.

Mantell also promised that today we’d be hearing the truth.

Bob Armstrong came out to announce the next major event – Summer Blast, which would take place in July.

We headed to the ring to find Paul Lee waiting. He was soon joined by Robert Gibson.

Gibson and Lee locked up and Gibson broke it. Another lockup saw Lee back Gibson into the corner and start driving shoulders into his gut. Lee whipped him across the ring and charged only for Gibson to move and send Lee straight into the turnbuckle.

Gibson followed with an atomic drop and clotheslined Lee over the top to the floor. Lee got onto the apron and Gibson slingshotted him back in.

Lee went after Gibson’s eyes and slammed him. Lee headed up top only for Gibson to escape the leg drop. Gibson whipped Lee into the corner and he flipped to the apron and charged to the top turnbuckle. Gibson, however, was waiting and slammed Lee off the top into the center of the ring.

Gibson got a headlock and Lee started pulling hair to break it. Gibson hit a clothesline and a knee lift, then planted Lee with his bulldog. Gibson covered and got the win.

Jimmy Golden joined Caudle at the commentary booth. Golden called Gibson over. Golden told Gibson that he’d never lost to Gibson and demanded a rematch. Gibson replied that he’d already won once and all Golden had to do was sign the contract. Golden promised to take Gibson apart as we headed to commercial.

We came back to see Tommy Angel waiting in the ring. Killer Kyle then emerged from the back and slowly walked to the ring. Kyle handcuffed his violin case to the turnbuckle and slowly removed his fedora, coat, and tie.

The two locked up and Angel started working Kyle’s arm. Kyle stopped that with a punch and tried to slam Angel. Angel escaped and Kyle grabbed on to the ropes to block a roll-up. Angel ducked a clothesline and hit a crossbody to put Kyle down for a one count.

Angel followed with an armdrag and went for an armbar. Kyle regained his feet and Angel kept his hold on the arm. Kyle backed Angel into the ropes and threw a punch, then a headbutt.

Kyle slammed Angel down. Angel reversed a backbreaker with a headscissors and Kyle stopped his momentum with a clothesline.

Kyle missed an elbow drop and Angel started firing punches. Angel whipped Kyle and stopped him with a back elbow. Angel went for another crossbody and Kyle caught him then hit a backbreaker. Kyle got a two count and pulled Angel up.

Angel tried to fight back but Kyle punched him. Angel dodged a charged to the corner and the two reversed whips until Kyle got Angel in a bear hug that turned into a slam for the win.

We went to an interview with Danny Davis and Dixie Dynomite. Davis and Dynomite plugged the upcoming live shows as we headed to commercial.

We came back to hear from the Party Patrol. Johnny told Cornette that the Patrol was ready for their no-DQ match against the Bodies on Friday night.

We then headed to the ring where Scott Sandlin and Joe Cazana were waiting. The Party Patrol then made their way to the ring.

Davey started against Sandlin. The two locked up and Davey started working Sandlin’s arm before tagging Johnny in. Johnny came off the top with a double axe handle to Sandlin’s arm, then followed with an armdrag into an armbar. Johnny dropped a knee onto the arm and tagged Davey.

The Riches cranked Sandlin’s arms and put him down with a double chop. Davey tied up Sandlin’s arm. Sandlin raked Davey’s eyes to escape and tagged Cazana.

Cazana came in and got armdragged for his trouble. Davey held on to the armbar. Johnny tagged in and the Riches hit a double whip and then a double armdrag. Johnny hit one more and went back to the arm.

Cazana got into the ropes to break the hold. The two locked up and Johnny got a hammerlock, then took Cazana down.

Davey came in and took over on the arm before tagging Johnny. The Party Patrol put Cazana down with a double back elbow and then Johnny slammed Cazana for two.

Sandlin came in and the two tied up. Johnny got a headlock that Sandlin whipped his way out of. Cazana grabbed Johnny’s foot and while Johnny was distracted Sandlin hit him from behind before helping Cazana choke Johnny in the ropes.

Cazana came in and popped Johnny before slamming him. Cazana headed up top and Johnny dodged the elbow drop. Davey got the tag and popped Cazana and Sandlin.

All four men brawled with the Party Patrol hitting stereo dropkicks. Sandlin rolled out as Cazana whipped Johnny into the corner. Davey came off the top with a crossbody and got the win.

Mantell then announced that he had requested his own private interview segment. Mantell promised that was next as we headed to commercial.

We came back to “Down and Dirty with Dutch Mantell.” Mantell promised that he’d give the entire truth on his show – even if Bob Armstrong didn’t like it.

Mantell introduced his guest – Barry Horowitz. Mantell put over Horowitz’s talent before saying that Carl Styles was now in a mental hospital.

Mantell brought up Horowitz’s dismal record of 43 losses and 0 wins. Mantell then promised to teach Horowitz everything he needed to know to become a winner. Horowitz thanked Dutch as we headed to commercial.

We came back to hear the ring announcer warning the female fans not to touch the Heavenly Bodies as they entered. Their opponents, Ben Jordan and Joey Maggs, were already in the ring.

Cornette led the Bodies to the ring as Mantell expressed his gratitude that the announcement had been made to protect the Bodies.

Prichard and Maggs started off. The two locked up and Prichard backed Maggs into the corner as Cornette showed off a belt.

Maggs went behind on Prichard and took him down. Prichard tossed Maggs and then had to escape a headscissors.

Maggs and Prichard traded hammerlocks until Maggs took Prichard down and went for another headscissors. Maggs punched Prichard and Lane tagged in. Lane took Maggs down with a clothesline. Maggs then hit two martial arts kicks before stomping Maggs. Lane took Maggs down with a clothesline and posed.

Prichard came back in and the Bodies took Maggs down before starting to choke him. Prichard sent Maggs into the corner and started chopping away.

Lane tagged in and punched Maggs while Prichard held him. Lane then hit a Russian leg sweep and posed again. Maggs dodged two elbow drops and tagged Jordan.

Jordan dropkicked Lane down and then slammed him. Prichard tagged in and caught Jordan with a side kick. Prichard followed with a suplex and then a knee lift. Prichard choked Jordan over the rope so Cornette could berate him and then hit another suplex. Prichard headed up top and hit an elbow drop. Prichard covered and Maggs broke the count at two.

The Bodies hit a double backdrop and Lane covered for the win.

Bob Caudle then had a word with Cornette and the Bodies. Cornette promised that the Bodies could take apart any challengers – if it was the Fantastics, the Party Patrol, or the Battens. Lane then announced that the Bodies had changed their phone numbers to keep the Fantastics’ girlfriends from calling them. Prichard followed up by calling the girls sweathogs and then called the Fantastics losers. Cornette bashed the Fantastics again as we headed back to commercial.

We came back to find Caudle joined by Tim Horner. We saw footage of last week – where Landel insisted that Horner had tried to cheat to win their matches, and then the two had brawled out of the arena.

Horner then said that Landel could run his mouth but couldn’t back it up. Horner promised to be on Landel’s back until they got into the ring again. Horner then said that if he couldn’t beat Landel in another match he’d leave Smoky Mountain if he couldn’t beat Landel. Mantell waved goodbye to him as we headed to commercial.

We came back to find Rip Rogers waiting in the ring. Lee soon followed to make the belt’s first-ever defense.

Ron Wright and the Dirty White Boy made their way to ringside to talk with Rogers. Wright gave Rogers a handful of money. Rogers accepted the $10,000 and started out of the ring as the DWB climbed onto the apron.

Rogers clubbed Lee from behind and wound up sent into the corner. Lee mounted him and started punching as the DWB hit the ring. DWB made the save as Rogers dropped to the floor.

DWB whipped Lee into the far corner and started punching away. Lee finally started trading punches with DWB and DWB went down. Lee sent DWB into the corner and backdropped him for a two.

Lee got a headlock and DWB fought his way back to his feet. Lee popped DWB and followed up with a clothesline. Lee slammed the DWB and covered for another two.

Lee popped the DWB and tried again for another two. Lee pulled DWB up and sent him into the far corner. DWB caught Lee with a boot when he charged in and then raked Lee’s eyes. DWB choked Lee and popped him again.

DWB nailed Lee with a clothesline, then dropped an elbow and covered for two. DWB went after Lee’s eyes again as Wright watched on. DWB choked Lee in the ropes and started punching away again.

Lee caught DWB with a kick and started punching back to turn the tide. DWB dodged a Lee charge into the corner and kicked him in the ribs. DWB choked Lee again, breaking before the five count. DWB kept punching Lee as Lee fought back to his feet. DWB choked again and this time Lee choked back. A thumb to the eye dazed Lee and DWB sent him across the ring to the corner. DWB slapped Lee in the face and went back to the face.

DWB and Lee started trading blows again and Lee staggered. DWB choked Lee over the top rope and put him down with a DDT. DWB covered and got another two count.

DWB dropped a leg and got another two. DWB kept punching and choking Lee. DWB sent Lee’s head into the top turnbuckle and then raced across the ring and did it again.

Lee caught DWB charging in to the corner with a boot. Lee followed that with a clothesline and took DWB down. Lee hit a tilt-a-whirl slam for two and started punching away. DWB fell through the ropes and Wright rushed over to give him advice (along with a foreign object).

DWB popped Lee with the knucks and rolled into the ring to stop the count. DWB kept working Lee over before rolling him back in. DWB punched the now-bloody Lee and dropped a knee.

Meanwhile, Hector Guerrero hit the ring to tell the ref what the DWB was up to. Lee retrieved the knucks and blasted DWB for the DQ. Lee kept attacking after the match. Paul Orndorff hit the ring and blasted Lee with a briefcase, which brought Guerrero into the ring to try and make the save. DWB tied Hector’s tie to the top rope and threw him out of the ring before joining Orndorff in attacking Lee. Scott Sandlin came out and Orndorff planted him with a piledriver.

Ben Jordan came out and the DWB put him down with the Bucksnort Blaster. Tim Horner and Dixie Dynomite led a charge to the ring as the show faded to black.

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