Spoiler Warnings: Lobo Vs The Lanterns In Green Lantern #55 By Geoff Johns

Lobo vs Hal Jordan, Atrocitus, Carol Ferris, and Sinestro; sounds like a hell of a fight, right? Well, it certainly was.

Lobo was there to collect a bounty on Atrocitus, and it turned into an all out brawl with Hal, Sinestro, and Carol not sure which side to jump in on. The White Lantern broadcasts a message saying they need Atrocitus, so that’s as far as side picking goes.

Everyone gets to do their own thing, including Hal hijacking Lobo’s ride, and Sinestro trying to blow Lobo up.

Even the Red Lantern Kitty, Dex-Star gets a moment, doing the spewy Red Lantern napalm vomit onto Lobo’s dog.

At the end though, Hal manages to apparently scare Lobo off. Though we’re quick to discover that Atrocitus set the entire thing up with Lobo in order to get the other Lantern’s to work with him.

Lobo’s payment? Well, that’s another spoiler altogether.

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