The People’s Column: How WWE Fails At Title Change Reactions

Hello everyone! It’s great to be home from my vacation last week and I apologize for not providing you with your normal dose of Thursday morning reading pleasure. As always, I want to encourage you to check out my blog itswilltime.wordpress,com, where I’m currently discussing the Wade Barrett visa situation and it’s impact on The Nexus. I would love your input on the conversation.

While I was on vacation last week, Fatal 4-Way happened and both of the world championships in WWE changed hands. As I wrote on my blog after the event, I found it underwhelming. The title change to Sheamus makes sense to me. He is a rising star as a heel and a great current foil to John Cena. My main problem is with the Rey Mysterio win. Why would WWE give the championship to a huge babyface star with no buildup to the title win? If Smackdown would have been built around Rey’s quest for the championship for months, finally culminating in a big win, this would have been a great move. Sadly, he just seems like a random champion that will lose the title very quickly.

Back to the WWE Championship win. Sheamus is a very capable champion. He has the in ring skills and is a talented and unique talker. While he was not quite ready for it in December, he has grown into the championship role. His title win was a major moment for him this time around and he should be a dominant champion for the foreseeable future.

When John Cena addressed him on Raw, he was treated as anything but a credible champion. Cena (or more appropriately, the WWE writers) treated Sheamus like he was a joke. His reaction to losing the championship the night before was to make a few jokes and then ask for his rematch.

Perhaps I am being too old fashioned, but I believe in the rage of a former champion. Think about the way Cena lost the title: The Nexus beat him and down Sheamus took advantage of that. Why would John Cena even think about joking after that? Isn’t the championship supposed to be the only prize that matters to them?

This is a symptom of a bigger problem in wrestling (at least WWE and TNA) right now. Wrestlers are no longer devastated over losing a championship. They are usually not even mad. Most wrestlers just calmly get their rematch, or seem to disappear into another feud.

If a wrestler feels robbed, shouldn’t they say that they were robbed and fight for what they think is right? Shouldn’t a former champion do more than gist crack jokes at the new champion’s expense?

That is my question for this week. I’m sorry that this column turned into more of a short rant than my usual column, but I hope you have enjoyed it. Remember to check out the blog, and I’ll see you Monday with my 10 Thoughts on WWE Raw.

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