Wild Pitch: The NBA is Up For Grabs

Today is the tipping point of any franchise’s iceberg.  Today is the day that will ultimately make and break dynasties.  I don’t know what teams will be on which side of that dividing line but I know there will be a change.  The Lakers may still be favorites with the Celtics a close second, I don’t know.  It would be a major understatement for me to say that this is a talented free agent pool.  Dwayne Wade and LeBron James alone make it one of the best free agency groups that the NBA has ever seen not to mention the handful of free agents that are in search of a new team (Dirk Nowitzki, Amare Stoudemire, Chris Bosh, Paul Pierce, Joe Johnson, Carlos Boozer.)  I mean it is a ridiculously star studded group.

Any way this free agent period works out it will mean a big shake up for the NBA.  The Lakers and the Celtics can still dominate the league but it will be hard to contend with any team who will try to load up on star free agents (and believe me, some teams will try to grab up as many as they can.)  The Bulls and Nets are teams with lots of cap room and will be looking to get a Wade-James combo or some combination of that caliber.

This free agency period is not just about King James it’s about building a dynasty and teams will build a dynasty the only way an NBA team knows how toby buying it.  Many teams are looking at having the same free agency or trade success that the Boston Celtics had a couple years ago (the Nets and Heat are good examples.)  Boston’s big three would be obsolete compared to a team with three superstars from this draft.  I can just imagine now a Nets team with James, Wade, and Bosh or a Bulls team with Stoudemire, Nowitzki, and pierce.  These teams sound almost like all-star teams.  Any team that picks up two or more A-list players this draft will be looking for a collection of championship rings and a huge increase in player salaries.

Basketball is a sport where the individual can make all the difference.  One star player or even role player can make a hell of a difference to a team.  If a team can get a LeBron or D-Wade on their team they don’t just become an immediate playoff team but they become an immediate championship contender.  Just look at the lowly Cavaliers, without James I don’t see much hope for that franchise (which is nothing new to the Cavs organization.)

Where are the players going?  Well that’s anyone’s guess.  All the players will most certainly go to where the money is but they will have to wait in line.  I’m close to convinced that when this offseason is all said and done Mr. James will be the highest paid player in the world.  After him any number of players will try and push their way to the front of the line and will ultimately look for the best deal they can get their hands on.

Other factors apply to where these guys make deals too don’t get me wrong.  I figure if Bosh can get a deal with a team that promises him a big name signing (either James or Wade) he will take that deal.  Wade is also looking to stay in Miami and get some big talent there.  I could definitely see Wade and Bosh playing together in Miami and if that turns out to be the case expect both of them to be wearing multiple rings before LeBron even gets one.  This free agent period is going to turn the NBA inside out and upside down if a team can make the right moves and put the right players together.  But then again, who knows if any team will be able to do that.

Really it’s anyone’s guess what happens but this is how I see everything playing out……………

LeBron James ends up in Chicago, which is a great place for him to go.  James will play well with his supporting cast of little, very talented rascals (Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah.)  Most of the top tier free agents will most likely end up signing with their current teams (Nowitzki, Stoudemire, Johnson, Peirce) their teams have the money to pay them and are all still relatively competitive when it comes to winning a title.  The winners of the whole shabang will be the Heat who will resign Dwayne Wade and sign big man Chris Bosh.  If the Heat make the right moves they could find themselves the lucky winners of this whole free agency period, with or without King James.  With the right players on the roster the Heat could be the next NBA dynasty or at the very least could become the new Boston Celtics team.  Who will get their big three?  Or will it be big two?  Big one?  Who knows?  Whatever happens it will be exciting to watch.

-Professor AJ

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