Dana White talks about Fedor and James Toney


Dana White spoke to ESPNRadio1100 about the fallout of Fedor Emelianenko’s first loss. Asked whether he was still interested in bringing Fedor into the UFC, White responded ‘Nope…Now I don’t have to hear about him anymore. I like it”. When it was put to White that a match between Fedor and Lesnar would still do good business, White responded dismissed Fedor’s appeal saying that ‘Nobody cares…Do you know how many people watched his fight the other night? 400,000 people watched it. The guy has absolutely no star power. They sold no tickets to that fight either.”

White dismissed the idea that Fedor was the best in the world, saying that Fedor had failed to face top contenders since 2005 and his reputation was largely a consequence of him receiving favorable coverage in the MMA media.

White also talked about the upcoming James Toney vs. Randy Couture fight, not only admitting that it was a ‘freak show’ but that he wants Randy Couture to win at UFC 118.

[Hat Tip Yahoo Sports]

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