Brief Thoughts: Death Of Dracula #1 By Victor Gischler And Giuseppe Camuncoli

Death of Dracula #1

Written by Victor Gischler

Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli

Read the issue on a whim after hearing positive reviews of it, and, well, I’m going to be scoping the X-Men run that’s coming out of this….as weird as it remains that X-Men is coming out of a Dracula one shot.

  • I know nothing about Marvel’s supernatural stuff, and my extent of Dracula knowledge is that he sired Storm back in the 80’s, and Mutant X (the comic, not the show) featured Vamp Storm.
  • Despite my non-understanding of Marvel supernatural, let alone how Vamps divy themselves up, I didn’t feel lost at any point in the issue. Gischler does a great job setting everything up for readers who are flying blind.
  • When they said the death was only the beginning they weren’t kidding, it happens in the first handful of pages and is really just a stepping stone to the meat of the issue, which was very interesting.
  • A coup amongst vampires is more intriguing then I would have ever expected.
  • I’m not sure how much I liked the cold comparisson to mutants being made by saying that humanity hates and fears Vamps. I mean, most peoples problems with mutants is that they have powers and can be dangerous, Vamps are predators that feed on human blood. By nature they deserve to be hated and feared because they exist to kill humans!
  • Is it wrong that I kept looking for a Vamp with bleached blond hair and a British accent? Preferably one that could point out that Billy Idol stole his look.
  • I was expecting some sort of explanation for Vamps in the daytime, though what we got to explain Daywalker status works for me far better then what I went in anticipating.
  • The coup is just vicious, and Xarus is somewhere in between a badass and a douchebag.
  • Janus is just a wuss.
  • German Soldier Vamps? Ninja Vamps? Fish Vamps? Old Wrinkly Vamps? I’m enjoying this way too much.
  • Is it bad that I want a Dark Horse crossover right now so we can have the X-Men team up with Buffy? Whedon can write it! It will be AMAZING!
  • Issue is done, I’m going to read it again.

I went in with no expectations and found myself enjoying the hell out of it. Kudos to Gischler, he just sold me on the first issue of his X-Men!



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