10 Thoughts On Smackdown for 06.03.2010: Matt Striker’s Indecisiveness, Time is Running Out for the Divas & more

1. It was good to see someone finally selling their injury like Big Show did this week with his ankle. Now I’m not having a go at Cena for the sake of it but when he was attacked by Nexus and had to be carried away on a stretcher, he came back next week injury free and perfectly normal. So well done Big Show for remembering that Swagger tore up you ankle last week rather than just simply forgetting all the pain and grief he caused you.

2. I would have liked to see some qualifying matches for the Money in the Bank PPV rather than just straight-forward announcing the participants.

3. Its good to see WWE are working CM Punks injury into a storyline and keeping him there as leader of the SES rather than just keeping him off the TV and stopping all his momentum. But does anybody else think Punk in his mask resembles his former ROH colleagueDelirious.

4. What were Matt Hardy and Christian thinking when they said they made the ladder match? – They weren’t in the first ever PPV ladder match, nor the second. And TBH neither of them has actually done anything spectacular in MITB matches, or could they have been talking about their infamous TLC matches, which actually in retrospect neither Matt nor Christian have done anything great in them either – the ultra spectacular moments were always left down to their tag team partners. But apart from that I really enjoyed the peep show as it was a great hype-up to MITB.

5. I like the fact that Kane didn’t chokeslam CM Punk for the sake of being a monster – it shows that he is out there to find out who put Undertaker into a vegetative state and not just there to hurt anybody who gets in his way.

6. Chavo has finally reached the total amount of legit matches that he had on RAW, now on Smackdown – a grand total of two.

7. Even though the Divas match was pretty good this week what will they do once the Kelly Kelly/Laycool feud is over? – All the possible matches between the 5 divas have already been done and I don’t care to see repeats over again and again. If it’s true that Melina will be back soon please let her return on to Smackdown to mix it up a bit.

8. Last week I didn’t believe Dos Caras, Jr Alberto Del Rio came over well but this week his promo was a lot better and it gave his character more depth rather than just being ‘an honest man.’

9. I know I praised Matt Strikers commentary last week but whatever happened to him HATING Cody Rhodes?! – make up your mind please.

10. The main event was a really solid match even if it didn’t have a decisive ending. The two younger stars came out looking really strong. It was great to see Cody wrestle and come up with some new innovative moves and Swagger now looks like a legitimate threat with his ankle lock.

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