10 Thoughts on ROH on HDNet 07.05.2010 feat. Strong & Daniels vs. American Wolves, The Kings of Wrestling, & The Necro Butcher

1. I’m not a huge fan of the Dark City Fight Club being portrayed as faces, due in large part to the fact that the ROH crowd seems pretty apathetic towards them. However, given the lack of credible babyface challengers to the Kings of Wrestling, I understand why they’ve done it. It’s apparent that the feud with the Briscoes isn’t over, but where do the Kings go from here?

2. Kudos to the Kings of Wrestling for leading the DCFC to a passable opener. It wasn’t anything great, but it was perfectly watchable. The highlight for me was the power sequence early in the match between Jon Davis and Castagnoli.

3. I wish I could explain why, but for some reason Chris Hero reminds me of Edge. I know they don’t portray the same characters or have similar movesets, but there is something about their respective looks and mannerisms that causes me to associate the two.

4. If ROH was going to have Prince Nana appear on camera to acknowledge Necro’s induction into the Embassy, they may as well have had him cut a longer promo explaining the reasons, or at least teasing an explanation. They could have easily allocated the time given the segment mentioned in Thought #6 to Nana.

5. Pretty nice debut for Jamilia Craft tonight. She didn’t look out of place with Daizee Haze, and the result was a technically sound, if unspectacular match. If ROH isn’t going to have women’s wrestling on a semi-regular basis, these are the types of matches they should have, as opposed to Sara del Rey squashes (nothing against Del Rey, but it doesn’t strike me as a good use of ROH’s limited air time).

6. I don’t expect Shawn Daivari to do great things in ROH, so I wish they wouldn’t dedicate too much air time to “paid advertisements” like tonight’s. I know Erick Stevens is needed, for the time being, as the Embassy’s “monster” against Rasche Brown, but if anybody should be pushed as the stable’s singles star, it should be him.

7. I love how smoothly Davey Richards transitions from submission to submission. It reminds me of Samoa Joe. Man, those two would have a ridiculously stiff and awesome match together.

8. I know Hogewood is supposed to play the part of the babyface announcer, but he just sounds ridiculous when he claims that it was not a pro-American Wolves crowd, when the crowd in fact chanted for both Wolves over the course of the match. Attention to detail, guys!

9. Fantastic main event this week. All four guys were feeling it and played their respective roles to perfection. Every single combination produced some high-quality wrestling, and I’d be on board for a singles match involving any combination of these four guys.

10. I liked that ROH made sure to have Roderick Strong revert to his whiny, heelish character after the match, since he wrestled the match in his traditional babyface role. This was obviously the big storyline in this match, other than the budding Daniels vs. Richards encounter, so I’m glad they didn’t ignore it.

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