WWE Monday Night RAW Report – 07.05.2010: Open Season on the Nexus 7

No guest host? Check. Email GM opening RAW? Check. Paul Marshall in the house? Only until Widro finds someone better. Time to kick it up a notch!

We open RAW tonight with the Nexus standing in the ring to learn their fate from the anonymous RAW General Manager. Let’s see what they mention the attack on Ricky Steamboat last week. Wade Barrett says that the GM ordered him to assemble and he explains that the attack on McMahon needed to happen and that it is part of a much bigger picture. No one knows what their agenda is. He passes the microphone to Skip Sheffield who mentioned beating up the legends just for fun and that it was a rule exploitation. Basically, Ricky should be thanking them for the assault. The annoying email sound comes with light effects now. The GM has came to terms on a punishment and it is that the Nexus has no title opportunity until further notice and that it is now open season on the Nexus group.

AND HERE COMES THE CAVALRY! Oh wait, it’s John Cena and he’s alone. Cena says that the only thing the Nexus hasn’t had was a fair fight. Here comes the Hart Dynasty, John Morrison, Evan Bourne, Randy Orton, and R-Truth. Before they get the chance, the Usos, Sheamus, Miz, Edge, Jericho, and DiBiase foil the plans and Sheamus acts as the leader saying that they support the actions of the Nexus. Orton takes the microphone and he says that him and Cena aren’t friends, but he will support him if he has to. Orton challenges the seven on the stage to settle the score. The Money in the Bank participants will face each other and the GM wants John Cena to shake hands with Wade Barrett. Cena says that he’ll make his handshake into a fist and collide with a jaw. The GM says that Cena should be the bigger man here…”Because that’s the bottom line because the GM said so.”

Go ahead, IWC…cue it.

I forgot. “IT’S TIME TO GET RAW!”


John Morrison v. Ted DiBiase (w/Maryse wearing Michelle McCool’s wedding outfit)

Seems Maryse is wearing expensive jewelry. DiBiase gets the upperhand on Morrison locking in bodyscissors. Morrison gets an uppercut, but is hung off the ropes and DiBiase covers for two as Michael Cole continues to prove that he is dumb. Rollup by Morrison and here comes the momentum. Jumping heelkick gets two on DiBiase. DiBiase gets a scoop slam and Maryse has a cell phone call on RAW. Both men are down and Maryse steals Morrison’s fur coat causing the distraction. Once DiBiase gets around the countering, Dream Street connects and that is all.

Winner: Ted DiBiase
Grade: C

Backstage…The Odd Couple! If the tag team lose, then Vladimir will punch Santino’s face in.

Will John Cena and Wade Barrett call a truce tonight?


Last week, Koslov saves his puppy from the resident lion. Oops, wrong thought. What the hell.

Santino Marella & Vladimir Koslov v. William Regal & The Great Khali

So William Regal is pissed off and he used his power of persuasion to recruit Khali. Lockup to start and Regal gets owned by Koslov in the opening minute. Tag to Santino and he can’t get a proper axe handle off. Life intimiates art as Regal gets a left hook and he takes control of Santino. RegalPlex sends Santino into Koslov, who regains control. Iron Curtain plants Regal for the three count and Khali didn’t even tag in.

Winners: Santino Marella & Vladimir Koslov
Grade: FTS

Post match, Khali wants Regal up and he nails the Khali Chop. Seems that we’re going to have the Indian-Italian-Russian alliance after all.

We get an update on Ricky Steamboat…NEXT!


Jerry Lawler gets in a super-serial tone calling the Nexus a bunch of punks. We get a recap of what happened last week. Josh Matthews is with Arn Anderson and he says that Ricky is in serious condition. SHeamus is behind Arn and Arn sends Josh away. Sheamus calls him a pathetic old man. Arn tries to tell Sheamus to understand the weakness or the company goes up in smoke. Sheamus says the Nexus is smarter than the Four Horsemen…that they won’t get in his business. He warns Sheamus that if he doesn’t cooperate that he’ll be a great white shark in a mudhole. Arn leaves…saying that he doesn’t get it.

Up next: R-Truth v. the Miz!


R-Truth v. The Miz

Oh God! The Miz steals R-Truth’s rap! The Miz gets a mic shot on Truth’s head and it’s all downhill from here. Thug violence outside the ring as Miz beats Truth to a pulp. Miz kicks Truth in the arm as the referee leaves. He guillotines the arm and Truth is writhing in pain. The demented Miz looks on, satisfied at what he did.

No Match

Miz gets cocky saying that he wanted it to hurt. It’s the truth because he’s the Miz and he’s awesome. Awesome promo.


The Cutting Edge

Edge mocks R-Truth a bit before getting personal about the Nexus attack at Fatal Four Way. Fact is…why make seven enemies when there can be seven allies? He makes the point that winning Money in the Bank means winning the World Title. He’s the only one (of the guests tonight) to have done it twice. Sorry, Edge…CM Punk won it twice and cashed it in twice. Edge brings out Evan Bourne, but Jericho comes out disgusted. He won’t take a backseat to anyone. He brags about being an advisor and mentor to Nexus and to Wade Barrett. The two bicker a bit and eventually Chris Jericho says that Edge wants to be him. The bickering continues and Edge decks Jericho! The furniture gets cleared and Jericho counters a whip and places Edge in the Walls. Evan Bourne comes out and he makes some waves. The GM chimes in and asks if the audience wants to see some action, “Give Me a HELL YEAH!” So we got a tag match upcoming!

Edge & Chris Jericho v. Evan Bourne & Randy Orton

Up next!

Bourne and Jericho begin things off as we start the impromptu match. Bourne gets his offense in and he tags in Orton who works over Jericho in the corner. Pillar to post we go and Orton gets ready for the RKO, but Jericho tags in Edge. Lockup and Edge gets the better of Orton. Corner to corner we go and Orton gets the knee drop for two! Snapmare takeover by Orton and he targets Edge with the Garvin stomp. Tag to Bourne and he scores a low dropkick for a two count. Bourne gets kicks in and Edge tags in Jericho and Bourne continues with the kicks, scoring a nice dropkick sending Jericho out of the ring. Baseball slide sends Jericho to the barricade and he takes to the air in a nice plancha! Quickly back in the ring, Bourne continues the control until Jericho scores a lariat! Break time!


We’re back and Bourne is in trouble as Edge has on a waist lock. Bourne tries to get out of it and Edge hits the Edgucator for a two count! Jericho gets the tag and he hits a backbreaker before applying the torque. Bourne tries to get out of it and is successful. Tag to Edge and Edge cuts Bourne off from Orton. Brainbuster attempt, but Bourne counters and both men are down! Jericho is hesitant but tags anyway and here comes Orton! Hangman DDT….CONNECTS! RKO attempt…Edge stops it and the distract allows Jericho to hit an enzugiri. Tag to Edge and Edge stomps away at Orton’s shoulder. They isolate Orton in the corner and Jericho tags in! Orton fights out and he runs into a dropkick by Jericho…TWO COUNT ONLY! Snapmare into a headlock and Jericho is all “ASK HIM!” Orton frees himself, but gets caught with a bulldog. Lionsault misses and we look for another series of hot tags! This time, Edge is hesitant. Bourne is in as well…KICK to edge and Bourne springboards into a boot to the ribcage. Tag back to Jericho, who is like “YOU LISTEN TO WHAT I SAY:. Edge is incensed and Edge spears Jericho! Bourne goes AirBourne and Jericho suffers the loss!

Winners: Evan Bourne & Randy Orton
Grade: A

Post match, Evan Bourne celebrates, but forgets that Money in the Bank is every man for themselves. Orton hits the RKO!


Backstage, Randy Orton finds himself with three of the Nexus members. They try to talk some sense with Orton. He listens intently and he tells them to get out of his face.

There’s an opening in the RAW Money in the Bank match as R-Truth has been taken out by the Miz. Josh Matthews announces an email from the GM saying that the Hart Dynasty will defend the Unified Tag Team Titles against the Usos! They play games at Josh’s expense. They leave and Alicia Fox and she is pissed for not being granted an interview. She gives herself an interview to pimp our Diva’s Title match…NEXT!


WWE Diva’s Championship: Alicia Fox v. Eve Torres

This is your main event! Lockup to start and Alicia takes it to Eve. Eve flips over and she takes control with a dropkick, followed by a cover for two. She tosses Alicia over and it seems Alicia hurt her ankle. She wants to continue and she played Eve for a fool, hitting the scissors kick for the three.

Winner: Alicia Fox
Grade: NR

We recap the rise of the Nexus.


Next week: Randy Orton v. Edge!

Main Event Interview

Wade Barrett continues to explain that everything that happened was for a purpose and that he wants Cena to come out and shake hands like men. Here comes Cena, who is being cautious of his surroundings. Barrett promises that Cena is not in their future plans. He wants to look into the future and move on. The choice is his to make. Cena wants assaurance that if he shakes hands this stops. Cena puts his hand out and as Wade gets the gesture, Cena pulls it back and we get goofy Cena! He tells Barrett to take his plans and stuff them in their Nexus. Cena vows to take the Nexus down – one by one. Barrett says that it’s not about Cena – that they took out Bret Hart and Vince McMahon. He makes the threat and Cena goes from goofy mode to serious mode. Cena grabs the hand and he gets Barrett in the Fireman’s Carry, but the Nexus 7 come out and HERE COMES THE CALVARY! Darren Young is the lone man in the ring as the GM goes off. Michael Cole says that the GM wanted peace and if things don’t stop now, there will be consequences. Cena has Young in the STF! The GM gets another email and it’s the punishment. John Cena faces all seven members of Nexus in a handicap match next week! Cena goes to make the numbers in his favor a bit by schooling Darren Young! WOW! Cena sends Young RIGHT INTO THE RING POST! He’s not done yet as he leaves the ring and takes a steel step. HOLY F*CKING GOD! CENA THROWS THE STEPS RIGHT INTO DARREN YOUNG! Now THIS…THIS is how you beat someone down. He throws Young across the announce table and flips the table over him.

Show over.

The Inside Pulse

Well, match quality wise, the only thing of note is the tag team match. That’s pretty easy to assess since you have William Regal jobbing again, DiBiase and Morrison have a decent short match, the diva’s title match, and the tag. The interaction with the Nexus and John Cena was solid, so I can give the bump to a B grade for tonight’s show. I’ll be quick as I’m off to Kansas City tomorrow morning. 10 Thoughts comes sometime Wednesday/Wednesday night and right now the topic is open. Enjoy the week everyone!

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