NBA News: Toronto Raptors Would Work With Cleveland Cavs On Bosh Deal

The Raptors would work a sign and trade with Cleveland for Bosh so he could play with Lebron James.

No deal has been agreed to for anybody, but Raptors would reportedly ask for Anderson Varejao or JJ Hickson, Delonte West and possibly Anthony Parker for Bosh who would sign his 6-year $125 million deal he can only sign with the Raptors.

The biggest problem with the deal is that Bosh doesn’t want to play in Cleveland. Bosh wants to play with Lebron and wants to sign the $125 million deal, and despite James trying to warm Bosh up to playing in Cleveland, Bosh is still against the idea.

Bosh would like to play with James in Chicago, New Jersey, or Miami, he could also play with Dwayne Wade in any of those cities. Toronto doesn’t envision being able to work a deal with Miami for a sign and trade as they don’t like enough players on the Heat roster to work something out.

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