NHL News: Bob Probert Passes Away

Earlier yesterday afternoon, former NHL player Bob Probert passed away in an Ontario hospital. He was 45 years old.

Probert is known throughout the hockey world as a legendary enforcer, as he was known as one of the legitimate tough guys of the sport throughout his career. Unfortunately, his off-ice battles with drugs and alcohol marred his career, but most loyal fans remember him for his physical play and willingness to drop the gloves whenever the occasion called for it. In his 16 seasons as an NHL player, Probert accumulated 3,300 penalty minutes in 935 games, and was reported to be in 233 fights, according to HockeyFights.com.

His time in Detroit saw him form one of the most physical duos in the history of the NHL, along with Joey Kocur, forming the dreaded “Bruise Brothers.”

While Probert may not have been a Sidney Crosby, a Wayne Gretzky, or a Steve Yzerman, he still has his place in the hearts of hockey fans worldwide, and our thoughts and prayers go out to the Probert family.