10 Thoughts On TNA Impact – 07.01.2010 feat. Abyss, Pope & ECW.

10. Abyss scaring those kids was very amusing. Welcome to TNA kiddies, we aren’t PG and we aren’t concerned.

9. It’s starting to get annoying that Jesse Neal is constantly being screwed over, and the storyline seems to be stuck and going nowhere.

8. Samoa Joe and AJ Styles really deserve a lot more of the spotlight than they’re getting. Anytime they’re in the ring together, they put on a great show.

7. It seemed a little obvious that Kendrick was going to take the win, because it wouldn’t help or hype anyone if he hadn’t. But even though the outcome was obvious, the wrestling wasn’t boring.

6. Really great to see the Pope back. And hopefully Angle is right and the Pope is the future of TNA. He has something special about him.

5. Interesting, Matt Morgan has integrated his personalities magically and appears to be a singular person again. Unfortunately for him, becoming one person didn’t add up to a win against the slightly unstoppable at the moment guy, Jay Lethal.

4. In the past, the Knockouts matches were important to the show. These days they are the match that the ECW crowd walk in and distract from. Can’t call that positive improvement at all.

3. Well, that’s another ECW wrestler to add to the growing count of wrestlers placed in the crowd. Really not a clever idea, sure, attempt to “stick it” to WWE by doing an invasion angle. But WWE have been really clever with what they’ve been doing, and ECW wrestlers aren’t going to have the same impact.

2. That backstage brawl between Sarita and Taylor Wilde had some good strikes in it. But that final slap sounded like it could be heard right throughout the Impact Zone without the help of microphones. Ouch.

1. Nice main event, even if we didn’t get to see Abyss actually use that new little “toy” of his.

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