Carlito Gives Candid Post-WWE Interview, Wanted to be Fired

From the Right after Wrestling Radio Show courtesy of Arda Ocal:

In his first interview since his release from the WWE on May 21, Carlito joined Arda Ocal and Jimmy Korderas on Right After Wrestling and talked candidly about a variety of topics, including:

– Speaking about his WWE release, how the WWE wanted him to go to rehab and he was resistant
– For the last 3 years of his tenure, wanting to find ways to get released, also being a delicate time where he would lash out at people for no reason
– Many of his issues with losing his passion and unhappiness stemming from working face (feeling he’s a much better heel) and backstage politics, spoken about in detail
– What advice his father, famous pro wrestler Carlos Colon Sr. gave him through this time
– Whose idea it was to have his hair long and to spit the apple in people’s faces
– Does he have passion for pro wrestling again?
– Talking about the infamous Ric Flair promo on RAW, did he feel it was a rib on him?

Interview available here on the Right After Wrestling podcast:

3) Arda Ocal and Jimmy Korderas caught up with Booker T. Highlights include:

– He is in the process of writing a book, scheduled for a 2012 release
– His wife Sharmell is due any time now with twins, one boy and one girl
– Talking about the `spinaroonie` contests and who has the best version (after him of course)
– His golf game and having a passion for the sport
– Acting and voice over work, wanting to voice his own cartoon (`That passion is probably where GI Bro came from)
– At which point in his career he had the most fun
– His future: does he want to make it back to a big promotion after 16 years at the top level

Full Interview here:

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