Friday Night Lights – Episode 4-9 Review

Friday Night Lights: Episode 4-9, “The Lights in Carroll Park”

The main focus of last Friday’s episode was Coach Taylor’s continued efforts to rebuild the neighborhood his players call home. In the process, we realize Eric & Tami aren’t sharing much quality time.

Another noticeable trend is the gradual character turnover from the old to the new. Julie, Riggins and Landry are becoming secondary stories. And that’s the way Friday Night Lights must proceed if they want us to care about Vince, Luke, Jess and Becky.

Speaking of Becky, she’s pregnant – and Luke’s the father. Turns out one- night stands do have consequences, even in Dillon. How did this never happen to Riggins? I liked the scenes between Becky and Luke: came across very real and honest. Becky sure gets a lot of screen-time for someone not even featured in the opening credits.

Vince is looking for work, and a surprising employer steps up to the plate. There’s definitely some serious history between these two. My wife even thinks Virgil might be Vince’s father. With Vince working at Ray’s, things are sure to come to a head with Landry over Jess.

Coach Taylor’s visit to Carroll Park, looking for Tinker, sets into motion an effort to “take back the park” (in Buddy’s words). Eric is starting to see how bad the wrong side-of-the-tracks are. Virgil suggests they need to genuinely connect with the kids of Carroll Park. So what better way than a pick-up football game? To quote Buddy again, “Everyone loves football”.

A small scene worthy of note: Tami has Joe McCoy in her office regarding J.D.’s potential suspension, and finds out Joe & Katie have split.

So Julie’s finally getting over Matt, which was inevitable but kind of sad at the same time. Hope the Habitat for Humanity kid knows he’s just a rebound.

“The Lights in Carroll Park” is definitely a signature Season 4 episode, as we learn more about East Dillon: past, present and future.


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