The Big Orange Guy's Weekly Top 5: Things To Care About Other Than Free Agency

I live in New York. Ever since Donnie Walsh was hired as the general manager of the New York Knicks, all we have heard about is the free-agent class of 2010, LeBron James and bringing basketball back to New York. That was April 2, 2008. Think about it. For 27 months, free-agency has been the basketball focus of this city. I am sick and tired of hearing about it. Now that it is actually happening, I cannot wait for it to be over. This week, my Top 5 is the anti-LeBron and the anti-basketball free agency Top 5. This week, I am doing the Top 5 sporting events that are going on in the world that are being upstaged by what free agent is signing with which team.

Number 1 – Did anyone hear that Major League Baseball is coming up to the All-Star game and that the All-Stars were selected? Baseball is alive and well in this country and there are many surprises. Have you heard that San Diego is in first place? Did you hear about this guy Strasburg is pitching for the Nationals? Did you know Texas is basically owned by Major League baseball and is leading the AL West? Open your eyes people, there is a great baseball season happening.

Number 2 – Did anyone know that Wimbledon ended? I just want to see if anyone heard about this tennis tournament in England. We had an American winner in the Ladies Singles and the Gentlemen’s Final drew its largest crowd ever. Usually, this tournament gets good press in the States, but I guess that overlooked by the various meetings by the various players. Did you hear that the United States has some tennis tournament coming up in a couple of months?

Number 3 – Did you know that hockey actually has free agency and people are actually signing contracts! Did you know that nearly 70 NHL free agents signed between July 1 and July 5? Seriously, people can put their name on paper and commit to a team without summits and meetings and talking to their people about best situations. I guess some millionaires can make decisions without watching other people’s decisions.

Number 4 – Did you know that the NFL has players with problems once again? I am sure that there has been a “Thank you” card from Commissioner to Commissioner for the media frenzy so that the NFL player problems are not once again back-page news. Michael Vick may be in trouble once again. A running back from the Seahawks was charged with DUI. Vincent Jackson of the Chargers was suspended three games for violating the personal conduct clause. Oh, there are CBA contract difficulties between football and the player’s union. Stay tuned. The NFL hopes LeBron doesn’t sign for months and months.

Number 5 – The smaller sports have things happening also. The Tour de France started. The Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating contest had controversy. They are down to the Final Four in the World Cup. None of this matters these days because the NBA controls the headlines.

There you have it, My Top 5 Things We Could Be Focusing On Instead of NBA Free-Agency. Have a good week and…..hey LeBron, SIGN ALREADY!

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