LeBron James to Miami?


There are reports circulating that LeBron James will announce tonight that he’ll be joining Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami.

Most sources say James is “…leaning to the Heat”, so it’s not a done deal yet. It’s more of a way for experts to say that they got it right if he goes to Miami, but say that they expected him to stay in Cleveland all along if he doesn’t.

Personally, I see him staying in Cleveland. First off, it’s his home team; almost any kid would love to play for their home team.

Secondly, this would be the biggest PR mistake ever if he were to have this special and leave Cleveland. I’ve heard fans already comparing him to Art Modell if he were to leave. It’s really a big slap in the face if he leaves.

Of course, having this special to announce his signing shows that LeBron isn’t all with it. It makes him look egotistical; I think he’s really bought into his own hype. This almost reminds me of local high school kids signing their letters of intent for college in a small press conference; only it’s one of the biggest sports “icons” and he’s doing it on the “biggest sports channel”.

The only good thing to come of this is the money going to the Cleveland Boys and Girls Club.