One Year in Knoxville – June 20, 1992

Bob Caudle welcomed us to the show. With him as always was Dutch Mantell, now joined by Barry Horowitz. Caudle let us know that today we’d see Danny Davis, Buddy Landel, and Dixie Dynomite. Caudle added that we’d also see footage of the fight between the Dirty White Boy and Brian Lee from last week. The Heavenly Bodies would also defend the belts against Tim Horner and Robert Gibson. Dutch Mantell also announced that his guest on Down and Dirty would be Paul Orndorff.

We headed to the ring where Rip Rogers was waiting. Danny Davis, also in the ring, was pacing behind him.

The bell rang and Rogers stalled, forcing Davis back. The two locked up as Caudle asked Dutch where Carl Styles was. Davis took a chop as Mantell advised that Styles had been institutionalized in a mental hospital.

The two locked up again and Rogers powered Davis back, then buried a knee in his midsection. Another lockup saw Davis back in the corner where he blocked a punch. He sent Rogers into the corner and started punching him before hiptossing him out, hitting a dropkick, and locking in an armbar.

Rogers tried to hiptoss Davis but Davis rolled through and maintained the hold. Rogers broke it by going to Davis’s eyes and nailing him with a double axe handle to the back. Davis reversed a whip and hiptossed Rogers before putting him down with an armdrag and going back to the armbar.

Rogers hit a knee to break free and sent Davis’s head into the turnbuckle. Rogers sent Davis into another corner and Davis dodged a charge before taking Rogers down and going back to the arm.

Rogers punched his way free and backed Davis into the corner for a chop. Davis reversed a whip but Rogers caught him with a boot on the way in. Rogers hit a flying bodypress but Davis rolled through and covered for two.

Rogers clubbed Davis and they fought to the corner, where Davis sent Rogers’s head into the turnbuckle. Rogers whipped Davis and caught him coming off the ropes. Rogers tried for a DDT but Davis held the ropes to stop it. Davis let Rogers get to his feet and hit his neckbreaker (called the H-Bomb) for the win before we went to commercial.

We came back to hear a few words from Tim Horner. Horner said he was sick of Buddy Landel and ran down Landel’s activities since the battle royal. Horner promised to leave SMW if he couldn’t beat Landel the next time they met.

From there we went to the ring where Joey Maggs was waiting. A moment later “I’m Too Sexy” started playing to usher Buddy Landel out.

Landel ordered the camera to follow him as he headed to the front row where fans were holding up signs supporting him.

The bell rang and the two locked up. Landel was backed into the corner and protested that Maggs was pulling his hair. Landel took a moment to berate referee Mark Curtis and they locked up again. Landel pushed Maggs into the corner and hit him with a knee before laying in some chops. Maggs reversed and chopped Landel before whipping him across the ring. The two reversed hiptosses before Landel went down and then fell victim to a dropkick from Maggs.

Landel took a moment on the floor to regroup. He returned to the ring and the two locked up again. Landel got an arm wringer on Maggs and took him down (with a handful of hair). Landel held on to the armbar as Maggs fought back to his feet. Landel pulled his hair again and put him back down. Maggs stood again and Landel put him in the corner. Curtis stopped a punch and Maggs started firing away.

Landel took another walk and caught Maggs coming in with a knee. Landel sent Maggs’s head into the turnbuckle and started chopping and punching away. Maggs punched his way free and sent Landel into the corner. Landel caught him with an elbow and dropped an elbow. Landel locked in the figure four and grabbed the ropes for extra leverage. Maggs had no choice but to submit.

Landel then joined Caudle for a word. Landel said his goal was to mess with Horner’s head. Landel then said that he’d heard that the next time Horner lost to him he’d leave. Landel asked Horner how he wanted to leave and then said he might move to Horner’s town just to mess with him. Landel promised to run Horner out of town the next time they met.

We came back from commercial to see Dixie Dynomite on his way to the ring where Paul Lee was waiting. The bell rang and Lee took a second to strut as Mantell started to speculate on why Dixie wore a mask.

The two locked up and Lee got a knee before chopping Dixie. Dixie fired back and Lee fell to the mat. Dixie whipped Lee and backdropped him before hiptossing him. Dixie nailed an armdrag and then telegraphed a backdrop that allowed Lee to capitalize.

Lee picked Dixie up and slammed him. Lee dropped a knee and tried to whip Dixie. Dixie reversed and Lee flipped out of the ring to the apron where Dixie caught him with a clothesline. Dixie pulled him back in and started working an arm wringer.

Lee pulled Dixie’s hair to put him down into an armbar of his own. Dixie returned to his feet and Lee pulled him down again into the armbar. Dixie stood again and backed Lee into the ropes to break the hold.

Dixie hit a knee to the midsection and Lee reversed a whip. Dixie leaped over him and dropkicked him to the mat. Lee tried to beg off and Dixie pulled him out of the corner. Dixie covered and got a two.

Dixie started punching away and sent Lee’s head into the turnbuckle. Lee staggered Dixie and slammed him down, then headed up top. Dixie shook the ropes and Lee landed badly on the top rope. Dixie nailed the Confederate Kick and covered for the win.

We then headed back to last week’s match between DWB and Brian Lee. DWB cracked Lee with a foreign object and battered Lee on the floor. DWB rolled in to break the count and returned to the floor to keep working on Lee. DWB threw Lee in and picked him up. DWB started throwing punches that staggered the champion and a snapmare put him down. DWB dropped a knee on the bloody Lee and Hector Guerrero came out to tell the ref what DWB had done. Lee retrieved DWB’s knucks and popped him with them.

The ref called for the DQ as Lee kept punishing DWB with the knucks. Hector was climbing into the ring as Paul Orndorff hit the ring and cracked lee with a briefcase. Hector climbed into the ring to try and make the save only for DWB to intercept him and tie his necktie to the top rope. DWB threw Hector out of the ring and joined Orndorff in the attack.

We went to Brian Lee, who said he couldn’t beat both DWB and Orndorff, but he knew he could be either of them. Lee promised to have someone watching his back as we headed to commercial.

We came back to join Down and Dirty. Mantell introduced his special guest – Paul Orndorff. Dutch showed off a program from the Volunteer Slam and said that Orndorff should have won the tournament.

Orndorff promised to explain the situation simply for all the rednecks in attendance. Orndorff started by bringing up how Bob Armstrong had outlawed the piledriver. Orndorff pointed out that anyone else could use anything they wanted except him.

Dutch joined in the conspiracy theory and Orndorff pointed out that no one should win a title on a DQ. Orndorff said that Armstrong and Lee were part of the conspiracy against him.

Lee charged to the ring and Danny Davis, Dixie, and Bob Armstrong tried to hold him back while Dutch ordered Horowitz to hold him off. Caudle sent us to commercial as Orndorff urged Lee to come in.

We came back as Mantell complimented Horowitz on his quick action. Caudle introduced a quick video explaining how to bring SMW to the viewers’ towns.

We came back to see Caudle with the Battens and the Party Patrol. Caudle announced that both teams had agreed to step aside and give the Fantastics a clear shot at the Heavenly Bodies.

Johnny Rich said that while they’d like to take the Bodies apart but they’d wish the Fantastics luck. Bart Batten added that they knew that the Fultons had more against the Bodies than anyone.

From there we headed to the ring, where the ring announcer advised the fans not to touch the Bodies as they made their way down the aisle.

Cornette held the fans back as the Bodies entered. Cornette seized the ring microphone and introduced the Bodies. The fans erupted as Horner and Gibson made their way down the aisle.

We took a quick commercial break and came back to see Gibson and Lane in the ring as the bell rang. The two locked up immediately and battled around the ring. Lane shoved Gibson away and ducked into the ropes to prevent another lockup.

The two locked up again and neither could gain an advantage. Gibson and Lane shoved each other and Lane headed back into the ropes. Gibson kicked Lane through the ropes as Cornette stalked around ringside.

Lane punched Gibson and whipped him into a martial arts kick. Lane posed a moment and kept kicking the fallen Gibson. Gibson stood, reversed a whip, and nailed an enziguiri. Cornette pulled Lane to safety and fanned him with his tennis racket before calling a time out.

Lane returned to the ring and the two locked up. Gibson got an arm wringer and Lane raked his eyes before bringing Prichard in. Gibson hiptossed Prichard into his corner where Horner punched him. Gibson got in a shot as well as Prichard headed for safety.

The two locked up and Prichard got a headlock. Gibson whipped Prichard and Prichard shoulderblocked him down. Gibson then caught Prichard with a kick and armdragged him. Gibson got a wristlock and then went to a headlock. Prichard whipped Gibson and got hiptossed, then went for a kick of his own and Gibson dropped a fist on him.

Gibson took Prichard down and tagged in Horner. Horner held Prichard’s leg and tagged Gibson in for a kneedrop on Prichard’s leg. The two then knocked Lane off the apron and flattened Prichard. Gibson left the ring as Horner covered for a one count.

Prichard backed into his own corner and tagged Lane. The two locked up and Lane gained an advantaged. Lane clubbed Horner and tagged Prichard. Horner took Lane down and hopped up the ropes to put Prichard down with a headscissors. Lane grabbed Horner from behind and Horner backdropped Prichard, then fought free of Lane.

Horner took Prichard down as Lane fell out of the ring. Horner hit a back elbow and Prichard begged off. Cornette gave a bit of advice and the two locked up. Horner got a headlock and Prichard whipped him. Cornette distracted Mark Curtis while Lane grabbed a handful of Horner’s hair and pulled him down.

Lane tagged in and Prichard held Horner for Lane to punch him. Lane whipped Horner and put him down with a clothesline. Lane posed and stomped Horner, then whipped him. Cornette hopped onto the ropes as Horner rolled Lane down into a pin and Prichard broke it up.

The ref cut Gibson’s entry off as Prichard came in. Prichard suplexed Horner and covered for a two.

Prichard raked Horner’s eyes and spit at Gibson. Curtis cut him off again and Lane came off the second rope with a double axe handle. Lane stomped him and then hit a Russian leg sweep. Prichard came back in and slammed Horner. Prichard missed an elbow drop and Gibson tagged in.

Gibson cracked the Bodies’ heads together before sending Prichard into the corner. Prichard dodged Gibson’s charge and he fell through the ropes to the apron. Prichard kicked him to the floor and Lane held him for Cornette to hit him with the tennis racket.

Lane got another kick or two in as Prichard celebrated. Gibson returned to the ring and Prichard punched him down. Prichard whipped Gibson into the far corner and kept punching him.

Gibson rolled Prichard up and got two. Horner tagged in and hiptossed both Bodies, then slammed them both. Horner gave both back elbows and then started ramming Prichard’s head into the turnbuckle. A stereo whip didn’t work out and Prichard slammed into Gibson.

Horner locked a sleeper on Prichard as Buddy Landel made his way to the ring. Horner rolled up Prichard, but the ref was occupied with Gibson and Lane. Landel caught Horner’s foot and pulled him out of the ring, then sent him into the post.

Landel threw Horner back in. Prichard hit a clothesline and rolled up Horner for the win.

We came back from commercial to find Caudle joined by Cornette and the Bodies. Cornette said he was going to have Gibson arrested for attacking him. Prichard was cheering their sportsmanship when Bob Armstrong came out. Armstrong said that Landel would be suspended if he interfered in another match and then added that he’d give the Fantastics plenty of leeway in their next match with the Bodies.

As Cornette and the Bodies protested, Caudle said that the Fantastics would be back next week and said goodbye for another week.

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