Pulse Wrestling Report: WWE Superstars 07.08.2010 – Bella Twins, Laycool and the Masterlock challenge

Matches include: Goldust vs Zach Ryder, Primo and Jillian vs Yoshi Tatsu and Gail Kim with the Bellas as special ref, The return of the Masterlock Challenge and Laycool vs Tiffany and Kelly Kelly as the main event

1. Primo and Jillian vs Yoshi Tatsu and Gail Kim
– The Bella Twins are the guest referees. A good match that even included Gail hitting a Hurricanrana on Primo. The Bellas weren’t exactly impartial and were giving Jillian a slow count. Jillian punched both of the Bellas but didn’t get DQ’d.Gail rolled her up for the quick 123.
Winners: Yoshi Tatsu and Gail Kim

2. Zach Ryder vs Goldust
– Goldust dominates the match going in to commercial. Cole says that Goldust has been in the WWE for a decade but I think it’s been longer than that off and on. After the commercial, Goldust makes a mistake and leads to Ryder coming back. After some back and forth action, Ryder is able to hit his Ruff Ryder move for the win.
Winner: Zach Ryder

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3. The MasterLock Challenge
– It’s the return of the Masterlock challenge with the Dudebusters taking the challenge. Caylen Croft is the person to take it and he lasts about 50 seconds. Trent Barrett then offers to take it but Caylen attacks Masters. The Dudebusters hit a nice double team where Trent takes out Chris with a running knee.

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4. Laycool vs Tiffany and Kelly Kelly
– It’s announced during the match that Kelly Kelly will face Layla for the woman’s belt at Money in the Bank. Both teams looked good in the match but especially Laycool. Layla and Michelle work on Tiffany during most of the match while Kelly is able to come in for a hot tag. Tiffany distracts the ref while Michelle hits Kelly with a kick and Layla pins her for the win.
Winners: LayCool

Final Thoughts: Good to see Laycool on Superstars as I find them awesome. The Bellas/Jillian feud continues to be acknowledged only on this show but it’s pretty entertaining. The Bellas should be full time refs.

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