The People’s Column: Evan Bourne, Kaval, Bryan Danielson and WWE’s New Main Event Look

Hello friends and foes. My name is Will and this is The People’s Column. I’m excited to have you all back again (or reading my column for the first time). Before I start today’s column, I would like to use this opportunity to plug my blog, Currently I am discussing how Brock Lesnar’s radical change in attitude is the perfect recipe for professional wrestling to use for a future face turn. It’s a fun read and I believe we should get a lot of comments on it.

Now, onto the subject at hand. WWE has begun a new era in their company. Although it remains to be seen exactly what this era will be, it is a major change within the company. The new stars being created at this moment are not the conventional WWE main eventers. They do not have the look that Vince McMahon has constantly been criticized for favoring.

In the last couple months, a lot has changed within WWE. Beginning with ECW’s finish (after a long, long dying period) and the beginning of NXT and now with The Nexus invading Raw, a brand new era seems to be dawning before us. This will be pleasing to many who have hated the last five years that have been dominated by the likes of John Cena. Sadly, for these people at least, John Cena will still be a key ingredient in this era.

In this new beginning for WWE, there has been a philosophy shift within the company. Men who would have been relegated to mid card status, not based on their talent, but based on their size, are suddenly being made to look like very strong threats in the main event scene. What led to this change?

First of all, WWE can only look at the talent that is available. The number of big men coming into wrestling has slowed in recent years. Perhaps this has to do with the steroid culture that was formerly prevalent in wrestling culture but has since gone by the wayside. Even if that has nothing to do with the change, there is definitely a newer, smaller and more athletic class of people coming into WWE.

Beyond the simple availability of athletes, WWE has also seen a change in philosophy. Some key evidence of this is the recent push of Evan Bourne. Earlier in the year, Bourne was punctuating the Raw mid card with some great performances. Sadly those performances were usually being beaten down by Sheamus or another lead heel on Raw. Then something changed. Edge beat him down before a show and he was John Cena’s mystery tag team partner later in the night. Bourne went from a character who couldn’t get a win against anyone on the roster and was usually squashed to a man who could conceivably win Money in the Bank without anyone batting an eye.

Another example (although possibly a poor one) is Bryan Danielson. In his appearances, especially towards the end of NXT season one, he was put over as one of the most talented wrestlers in the world. Danielson was allowed to take Batista to the limit in an impressive display on Raw. With Danielson, WWE does not necessarily have a high flying wrestler. They have a solid technician who is small enough to move quickly and morph his style to fit the style of the wrestler he is in the ring against. He is a great worker because of this ability. Although he is no longer with the company, I believe that he was and will be a major part of this movement. Bryan Danielson is a wrestler that could make fans believe that a smaller wrestler really could win it all.

Kaval is my final example. As a wrestler, he is a combination of the two I have mentioned about. He can fly and work on the mat like with the best. Kaval is a very unique talent that should not be held back because of his size. In this new, possibly smaller WWE, Kaval could be a key player for years to come. He has the intensity and the charisma to hold a major championship without fans needing to suspend their disbelief.

None of these three men are mentioned to downplay the contributions that will be made by the other wrestlers who will be stars in this era. The Miz will be a breakout talent, as will John Morrison. Sheamus has just begun his long run. John Cena will still be a central character. Randy Orton will be a major babyface star. On top of that, the wrestlers who are in the twilight of their careers have paved the way for a smaller roster. Rey Mysterio comes to mind (and his title win provides hope for all of these men) as does Eddie Guerrero.

WWE is on a path to a smaller, more athletic roster and I could not be more excited about it. Maybe you disagree about that. If you do, I would encourage you to voice that in the comments section. I’ll try my best to interact. Also, check out my blog, for updates throughout the weekend and comment on that too!

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