10 Thoughts On Superstars 07.08.2010 – feat. Zack Ryder, Laycool, Yoshi Tatsu

1. The Bellas are guest referees? I don’t want to think about this thought any longer than I have to so, I’m done.

2. Primo had a short vacation from Superstars, appearing on Raw for several weeks, but that appears to be over now. At least it’s an interesting match-up. I love mixed tag matches.

3. The way Jerry Lawler talks about the Divas gives me the same feeling as when I see a white van in an empty parking lot next to my car.

4. Gail Kim and Jillian were very impressive (love Gail’s hurricanrana on Primo!), and provided us with an entertaining finish.

5. I do not like Zack’s new trunks, I’ve decided. Way too generic.

6. Zack Ryder and Goldust are pretty much dead on Raw, hence the numerous appearances on Superstars. They should be on Smackdown, which has a more impressive mid-card lineup. They could be properly showcased on there.

7. I know everyone loves The Dudebusters, but I just can’t get on board.

8. Chris Masters and Caylen Croft…this isn’t even a match? It’s a challenge? I can’t decide if this is super creative, or just really stupid.

9. Usually, I despise the endless promos and recaps being repeated at every chance. But seeing The Nexus during every show is just magical. This may be the best angle Raw has had in years. I just wish they would make appearances on Smackdown, as well.

10. I’ve been watching Superstars for some time now…I can’t remember ever seeing the Divas main event an episode. Michelle McTaker is definitely reaping the benefits of her new husband. Although, she is definitely the most dominant Diva the WWE has to offer right now. But I don’t like seeing Kelly Kelly perform more than I have to.

Superstars was something else tonight. We had a mix tag with guest referees, a challenge in lieu of a match, and a main event featuring women. I enjoyed this episode greatly, just for the sheer variety it offered. Were the matches five stars for me? Absolutely not. But it definitely reminded me what the “E” stands for in the company’s acronym, as it entertained me fully. Cheers to that, and here’s hoping for more next week!


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