10 Thoughts on Smackdown for 07.09.2010: a new side of Jack Swagger, Blubbering Baby Big Show & more

1. I’m not overly keen on how the cameras were on the other side of the ring on this week’s edition of Smackdown. It turned everything topsy-turvy and made my head hurt slightly – the entrance ramp needs to be on the left not the right!

2. Glad to see some qualifying matches on SD. Both Dolph and MVP could have easily of been in Money in the Bank and I really had no idea who would be victorious and qualify for the PPV match. I would of quite liked to see Chavo Guerrero win the 3-way though, how unexpected would that have been! – for once.

3. The past couple of matches Drew has had on SD have been surprisingly excellent and even though we all knew the outcome of the Kofi/Drew match (since Kofi had already qualified for MITB) there was still exciting near-pinfalls throughout which made me think otherwise. However, the match in itself was bit pointless on Kofi’s behalf – what would he of got from it if he had won?

4. The Jack Swagger/Rey Mysterio ankle lock angle showed a whole new aggressive side of the daddy’s boy clean cut all American American and gave a whole new level of depth to the former World Heavyweight Champion.

5. Christians turn on Matt Hardy was commendable – who wouldn’t want to turn on Matt Hardy if they got stuck with him in a tag match? – I would jump at the chance.

6. I’m really starting to warm to Dos Caras Jr Alberto De Rio. Let’s just hope all this build-up leads to something good.

7. The SES segment showed that the stable do have some bad tension between them but hopefully WWE won’t do what they normally do when a team start to fall out and split them up immediately. I would like to see the Straight Edge Society add a couple of more members and capture all the belts.

8. It was great to see Cody Rhodes finally loose his jobber-aplenty music. It may not be the most ‘dashing’ of themes but at least he no longer has to come out to basketball highlights #17 anymore.

9. Why is it whenever Big Show is a good guy he has to be a big blubbering baby? It is a lot better when he is a monster and when his music hit everybody thinks “uh-oh.”

10. The Main Event match was hyped really well and I couldn’t wait for it to happen and see Big Show get his hands on Jack Swagger. Even though it was only five minutes long and didn’t live up to my expectations it served as a good hype to a future match.

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