10 Thoughts On TNA Impact – 07.08.2010 Feat. Samoa Joe, ECW in TNA & Motor City Machine Guns.

10. Nice even match from Styles and Kazarian. Both are people to watch within the company.

9. Even though we didn’t see The Beautiful People wrestle, the teenage boys still got their fix of inappropriate ring entrances. Wonderful. (Or not).

8. Horribly short Knockouts match, and honestly not all that good. Hopefully we’re not seeing the beginning of Daffney being used badly.

7. Samoa Joe is a good person for TNA to have around, he always manages to entertain in his matches.

6. It’s probably not a good idea to actually compare TNA to ECW. Because the fans of the original ECW probably aren’t actually watching TNA. There are very few similarities between the two other than who the wrestlers in the TNA crowd are.

5. And they really shouldn’t be too thrilled with any E-C-Dub chants. If they want to stand on their own two feet, they need to move into the present and focus on just being TNA.

4. It was an interesting choice having Jeremy Buck take out the win over Douglas Williams only a few days before the PPV. Nice way to make it look like Kendrick really did have some sort of chance.

3. That “ad” that the Motor City Machine Guns were in was comedy gold. Really not sure why TNA don’t use them more often as they’ve got a lot more charisma than some of the wrestlers who are actually getting decent amounts of TV time.

2. Oh, Kevin Nash is still employed?

1. Relatively solid show up to the point where things got confusing and fell apart after what was a rather short main event match. It just got messy and didn’t seem to really add to anything to further hype the PPV.

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