10 Thoughts Review of Thor: The Mighty Avenger #1 by Roger Langridge and Chris Samnee

1. This is the story of Thor’s early days on Earth, how he meets Jane Foster and gets the Uru Hammer. It’s a very well-told, simple, relatable story by Roger Langridge of The Muppet Show fame, and Chris Samnee, more on whom later.

2. Langridge getting this relatively high profile new series is an example of what Marvel does right in finding indy writers with buzz and helping them make their names.

3. Chris Samnee does an awesome, expressive cartoony style. His Thor goes from bummy and charming to epic, while Jane Foster seems human and relatable. I’ll be looking forward to much more from Samnee.

4. Jane Foster as a point-of-view character is hardly a new trick, but I’m hard pressed to think of a time I’ve found her more likable. She seems like a real person, but one you’d want to know.

5. Mr. Hyde is a great choice of first villain here, as he’s perfectly threatening to a weakened Thor and terrified Foster.

6. Jane’s ex being something of a jerk, but not irredeemable rings true. It’s excellent to see even a clear bit player get to have more than one side of his personality. He isn’t just a jerk we can’t imagine why Jane was with, but a flawed person it just didn’t work out with.

7. Jane freaking out when Thor destroys the vase containing the Mjolnir was perfect… as was her utter shock when he becomes fully Thor and it starts tossing out lightning.

8. The very first scene, and I just noticed this, culminating in Jane noticing a rainbow, which turns out to be the Rainbow Bridge, is just note perfect foreshadowing.

9. So, we have an early Thor story where he gets acclimated to the Earth through the eyes of Jane Foster told in a simple, straightforward and charming manner. I bet this book gets canceled early despite serious critical acclaim.

10. Rating 8.5/10 – This is a very good comic with charming art and story, wonderful characterizations and a fun, light tone. If you like Thor, particularly Dan Jurgens run with him on Earth, you should be reading this book.

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