NBA News: Cleveland Cavaliers And Toronto Raptors Will Not File Tampering Charges

Both teams just want the situation to go away.

Numerous reports have come out that the Miami Heat’s new super-trio of Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh have been planning on playing together since the Bejing Olympics two years ago.

Concerns about this issue have been mounting since an report in late June that James, Wade and Bosh met face-to-face before free agency to discuss their plans. Yet the league’s general position has been that players are not subject to the same tampering restrictions as teams except for “the most egregious cases,” when it can be proven that a player was operating as a direct extension of team management.

If any tampering charges were filed, the Heat would most likely point to the fact that they acquired both players via sign-and-trade with willing partnership from the other teams.

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