Peter Milligan's Greek Street Vertigo Title To End At #16

While Vertigo titles are hardly known en masse for their high sales, it’s not uncommon to see some of them last and last and last, in some cases to the perfect ending, and in others to the point where you wish that the book was gone ages ago. Unfortunately, some titles never seem to find their footing and seem to vanish as quickly as they came.

Peter Milligan’s “Greek Street” is one of those titles, as it has been confirmed to be ending at #16, which looks to be the October issue. And while this is a tragic turn of events for fans of Milligan’s modern Greek tragedy, the light at the end of tunnel is that the book will actually reach a climax and end, as opposed to just being left up in the air like most books that meet their early demise.

I read and quite enjoyed the first few issues of this title but found myself falling several issues behind due to oversight on my own part and didn’t follow through. I’d actually recommend it to most Vertigo readers, especially those who like their Greek tragedies.

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