From the Pages of Grant Morrison's Batman and Robin: Paul Cornell to Pen Knight and Squire Mini-Series

Grant Morrison’s critically acclaimed run on the Batman books has introduced several new ideas, not least the Knight and Squire, the British Batman and Robin. Now, newly DC Exclusive writer Paul Cornell will take these characters into their own mini-series. Here’s what Cornell had to say:

“I’m delighted to be working in DC Britain! Grant always said that he added something to the Knight and Squire’s world with every appearance: we’ll be taking that policy, and the amount of over the top weird and wonderful zany surreal Britishness and dialling them up to eleven. If you’ve wanted to see a milkman fighting a dinosaur in a suit, in a pub, then this is the comic for you.”

You had me at milkman fighting a dinosaur.

Credit: ComicBookResources.

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