FCW House Show Report 07.14.2010: Melina returns, Battle Royal, NXT Season 2 Rookies, Smackdown Superstars

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FCW came back to the Orlando Amory for the O-Town Rumble and a special autograph session with WWE Diva Melina. Melina announced on Tuesday that she was going to wrestle at this event but apparently wasn’t medically cleared. She wasn’t the only one as you’ll see later in the report. Here are the results:

1. Titus O’Neil beat Jacob Novak

2. Richie Steamboat beat Leo Kruger

3. Johnny Curtis, Curt Hawkins and Vance Archer beat the Dudebusters(Trent Barretta and Caylen Croft) and NXT Season 2 rookie Michael Mcgillicutty

4. A Divas Bikini contest was won by AJ Lee and was hosted by Byron Saxton, Byron made her the winner as she didn’t strip and was “the classiest diva in FCW”. This brings out Melina and she slaps Byron while the rest of the divas throw him out. The contestants were: Christina(Alicia Foxx sister), Celeste, Liviana, Aksana, AJ Lee, Naomi Knight and NXT announcer Jamie Keyes who won the crowd vote.

5. Wes Brisco beat Cable Jones with Jinder Mahal

6. FCW Tag Title match: Los Aviadors(Hunico y Epico) beat Donny Marlow and Brodus Lee

7. Big E Langston defended the FCW Florida Title for a Injured Alex Reily and beat Lucky Cannon by Countout. Alex said he was injured by Mark Henry on this weeks NXT and wasn’t medically cleared to wrestle. Langston was billed as the “Strongest Man in the Country” which is a contest he won last weekend.

8. Mason Ryan won a 30 man Battle Royal which included most of the FCW roster and all the NXT Rookies.

Notes: Pretty good show as the Battle royal was really over with the crowd. Weird seeing Hawkins and Archer as babyfaces when they are heels on Smackdown. The 6 man was the best match on the card.  Shad Gaspard was also in the rumble and seemed to be feuding with Kaval who wasn’t even in the match 2 minutes at number 30 before getting eliminated.  Husky Harris and his brother Bo Rotundo lasted the longest before getting thrown out by Mason Ryan. Bo came in at number 1. FCW returns to the Orlando Amory Wednesday August 18th.