Spoiler Warnings: What Are Hope's Powers From X-Men: Second Coming #2 Chapter 2 By Mike Carey And Esad Ribic?

While I’m not sure how many remember him, David “Prodigy” Alleyne is one of the smartest people alive, despite having lost his mutant powers during M-Day. David was a mutant who knew everything that everyone around him knew, but when someone would leave his range he’d forget. Put him in a room with Wolverine and he’ll know how to fight, but put in the Danger Room and he’s got nothing. Pretty cool character and powerset, but he lost his powers during M-Day and just before Messiah Complex the Stepford Cuckoo’s did something to his brain, giving him full access to everything he’d ever learned. He was still powerless, but all of the sudden he was one of the smartest people alive, and he was a teenager living with the X-Men.

This is only relevant because he’s the one who explains the powers to the reader, and I wanted you to know why this random character is important if you hadn’t heard of him before. Check out New Mutants and New X-Men: Academy X by Nunzio DeFillipis and Christina Weir, and then check out New X-Men by Craig Kyle and Christ Yost. A great and seldom mentioned series of books featuring great characters.

Now that THAT is over with, Hope’s powers,as explained by David, are that she essentially has ALL of the powers. Anything any of them can or could do, she can do it. She’s the entire mutant race rolled up into one little girl. As he puts it “A Voodoo doll for the whole mutant race.”

It’s original, I’ll give it that, I mean, it’s not Jean’s powers.

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