Spoiler Warnings: What Is X-Force's New Status Quo In X-Men: Second Coming #2 Chapter 3 By Craig Kyle, Chris Yost, and Greg Land?

In the aftermath of everything that’s happened, Cyclops wants X-Force done and over with. The old guard can hardly stand to look at him; Xavier barely recognizes him, Storm is asking him what Jean would think, and Beast is flat out done. But he regrets nothing, nothing at all. He’d do it again, and if he were taken into jail he’d go with a smile, in his eyes he saved the mutant race….and he sorta did. But the future is a brighter place, and for Scott that means no more X-Force.

Logan doesn’t agree with him, but he lets Scott say his piece and tells him that he’ll do it.

One Scott is gone, he goes off into a room and apologizes for being late and we are promptly introduced to the new X-Force.

Wolverine, Archangel, Psylocke, Deadpool, Fantomex.

And just like Fight Club, the only rule of X-Force? You don’t talk about X-Force.

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