10 Thoughts Review of Batman #701 by Grant Morrison and Tony Daniel

1. Grant Morrison and Tony Daniel take us to a story set between Batman RIP and Final Crisis. How did Batman get from the helicopter to the Omega Beams? Is there a compelling reason to tell us about what happened in between?

2. Apparently, this is a Morrison’s Batman character study. The plot here isn’t especially compelling, but the look inside Bruce’s head with his own narration gives this at least some reason to exist.

3. I still don’t like Tony Daniel’s art, although I get why he was chosen to follow up his own story, he’s just not dynamic enough.

4. Bruce’s long speech about how he survives, how it’s what he does, is central to the Morrison Batman character and being played off heavily in Return of Bruce Wayne.

5. Alfred and Batman’s relationship is the best thing in this issue, with both semi-joking with one another, but clearly tense over the huge events that transpired.

6. It’s great that Batman has no clue who or what Dr. Hurt is. It’s becoming apparent to readers that he’s the devil worshipping Thomas Wayne, but Bruce has no reason to connect those dots yet.

7. Batman’s description of Superman’s world as all mythology and Batman’s as just a man is ridiculous as Morrison’s entire story has been about Batman’s own mythology. It has to be intentional, but I don’t buy it coming from Batman’s own narration.

8. What I do like from the narration is how unsure of himself Batman is because of being nearly broken and defeated. He needs his surety to face Darkseid, but he’s actually scared of his curse.

9. “When I get back, we’ll fix everything,” from Bruce to Alfred is absolutely perfect. Back from where? Well, the name of the story is “The Hole in Things.” Batman has fallen down his own rabbit hole.

10. Rating: 7/10 – What’s here is mostly great character study stuff, but there is no plot and nothing here that wasn’t already grasped by those who read between the lines in RIP, Final Crisis and Batman and Robin. Still, Grant Morrison Batman, even without a plot, is good, at worst and it’s great to have another installment.

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